News Articles in Drupal


The Section Management Screen:

When you first log in, you will see a page listing your sections.

Click the link for the section you wish to work on to get to your section management screen.

If you clicked on Mathematics you would then see this screen

You can also get to this (while logged in!) by clicking the Groups link in the top Admin Toolbar

That will take you to a page that looks like this

If you click Mathematics in that screen you would come to this page (which is the same as clicking from the My Groups page)

From your section management screen, select “News”

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Creating News:

This Content Type has Flexible Content to add to the page, but it also has basic parts for you to put minimal content in without getting too fancy.

When you select “News” under Add Content to [GROUP] from your Group page, you will get a screen where you can enter content into a new News content type

Title – This is the title of your article.

News Author – this is the name of the author

Source – this is a source of the article you are writing. It is a good way to reference or acknowledge an external publication, document or other record where information is coming from.

You can choose from a piece of Bryn Mawr content on our Drupal site by starting to type and selecting the title you wish to use.

Or you can choose to type an external URL. If you use an external URL, it must begin with http or https.

Finally, you are able to tell the browser to open this source in the same or a different browser window.

Date – this is the date of publication. This defaults to the date and time you are creating it. You do not need to change this.

Summary  – will only appear in the article listing/teaser if this article is a featured article or a Bulletin article within the Bulletin List page (/bulletin/explore).

Here the summary can be seen in this Feature Article on the News List page

Here the summary can be seen in this Bulletin Explore list page

Body – The next field is an Advanced WYSIWYG where you can put images, videos, blockquotes, links, as well as bulleted and numbered lists.  Please read more about how to edit in the WYSIWYG here.

Flexible Content

This part of the News gives you Flexible Content that you can add as you wish. Please see our article in techdocs about Flexible Content Items. 

See how all the Flexible Content items look on a News page with our Web Services Example page.

Flexible Content Items for News are

  • Accordion
  • Announcement 4-up
  • Callout
  • Carousel
  • Columns
  • Contact
  • Embed
  • Event: 3-Up
  • Feature: Grid
  • Feature: Large
  • Feature: Medium
  • Feature: Quote
  • Image Detail: Large
  • Image Gallery
  • Image List
  • People: List
  • Social Media: Callout
  • Social Media: Connect
  • Special List: Large
  • Special List: Small
  • Story: 1-Up
  • Story: 3-Up

Tags (syndication)

This next field is how you can syndicate your News Article across our website. By selecting tags that are relevant for your News Article it can be pulled into other pages by referencing that specific tag through a News 3-Up Flexible Content Item or a News & Contact Flexible Content Item on that page.

This Tag field is an Autocomplete field, so you will need to start typing to see some tags from which to choose.

You can add another tag by clicking the Add another item button.

Image Fields

You can add an Image by pressing the Upload or Browse Library button and selecting the image to embed.  Read more about uploading media here.

Selecting your image’s orientation will change the way the image is displayed on the News Detail Page.

Horizontal displays as horizontal in line with the rest of the content.

Vertical displays as Portrait orientation to the right of the wrapped text.

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News Syndication

There are two ways in which News articles are syndicated in the new site. News articles beam to one or more of five News listing pages depending on the articles’ Main Theme and Display Theme settings. You can also include News articles by tag or manual selection on any Basic Page by using the News 3-Up or News & Contact Flexible Content Items.

This also dynamically creates a [TAG] News listing page, so if your tag was “Blended Learning”, the title of the page would say “Blended Learning News” and then all News articles that had the tag “Blended Learning” would be listed here.

In the News 3-up and News & Contact Flexible Content Items, the More News link will point to this  [TAG] News listing page if you have pulled the News items into that Flexible Content Item with a Tag.

The More News link in this page above will take you to the Blended Learning News page, as seen below.
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News Listing Pages (Syndication)

There are five News listing pages throughout the entire site:

A News articles’ Main Theme and Display Theme settings dictate which Listing Page(s) the article will display in.

Whenever a News article is published, it automatically gets added to the All College News hub on Inside Bryn Mawr. This listing page contains all News articles regardless of their Main Theme or Display Theme settings.

When creating a News article, theme settings are found in the right sidebar under Theme(s) & Options. By default, the Main Theme is set to Marketing (a.k.a. Bryn Mawr Home). This means that by default News articles will beam to both the All College News hub on Inside Bryn Mawr and the Undergraduate News hub on Bryn Mawr Home (Marketing).

If the Main Theme field is grayed out, it means you do not have the permissions to change the News articles’ main theme. Some users have a special role called Theme Editor that gives them the ability to edit the Main Theme. For more details on editing the Main Theme and how this impacts Basic Pages and News articles, please refer to our Theme Editor documentation. 

If you want your News article to live in the Undergraduate News hub but also appear in the Social Work News hub (GSSWSR) then you would leave Marketing set as the Main Theme and select Marketing and Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research as Display themes (see screenshot from above).

The Main Theme can be considered your News articles’ home base. This is where your News article will live and it also dictates what theme your News article will have. Display Theme(s) dictate what other themes your News article can be displayed in – this includes being displayed in other Listing Pages as well as News 3-Up and News & Contact Flexible Content Items that may exist on Basic Pages.

Continuing on our example from above, if you wanted your News article to appear in the Postbac News hub in addition to the Undergraduate News and Social Work News hubs, you would have to edit the News article and check Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program as a Display Theme, otherwise it would not show up on that listing page.

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Displaying News articles on Basic Pages (Syndication)

Using the News 3-Up or News & Contact Flexible Content Items, you can bring your News article into a Basic Page by either referencing a tag you associated with the News article or via manual selection. For more information, please see the documentation on News 3-Up and/or News & Contact

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