Embed forms and other content in Drupal

Posted January 6th, 2016 at 3:01 pm.

To embed video, refer to these detailed instructions.

If you have been granted HTML embedding permissions (contact Web Services via help@brynmawr.edu), you may use these instructions to embed forms and other content that provide iframe or javascript embed code.

Only embed content from known, trusted sites. Ask Web Services if you aren’t sure.

Copy the embed code. For example, in Wufoo, hover over your form and click “Share” to get the form code.



Edit the Drupal page you want to add the video to.

Scroll down to just beneath the Body area

  1. Switch the text format to “full HTML”
  2. Above that, click the “switch to plain text editor” link (must be done in this order)


You will now see the plain text version of the Body area with the HTML code visible. Locate the point in your text where you wish to embed the code and paste your code there.


Save your page and see if the form or other content is displayed as expected.

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