Encrypting Emails in Office365

This article reviews how to encrypt emails in Office365.

Looking to encrypt an external drive?
Check out our Encrypting External Storage Drives tech doc.


When & Why

Encryption is required if you must send emails containing financial or personal information (i.e. credit card or Social Security numbers).

Why encrypt?

Encryption ensures that, if the email or account is compromised, that the data contained is inaccessible to any unauthorized users.


How to…

Encrypt an email (Click me!)

Include the text [ENCRYPT] in the email subject line like so:

illustration of how to use the subject line to encrypt a message

Encrypted emails can be sent to both College and external email addresses.

If you try to send an unencrypted email containing what appears to be sensitive information, you may see a warning message.

View an encrypted email (Click me!)

Follow the instructions in the email you received:

illustration highlighting in-message instructions for opening an encrypted email

  • Have a Bryn Mawr account? click Sign In
  • Don’t have a Bryn Mawr account? Click Use a one-time passcode

illustration highlighting Sign-in and One time passcode options

Replies to encrypted emails will be automatically encrypted.



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