Using Email Encryption in Office 365

Posted May 19th, 2016 at 10:27 am.

Encrypted email is required if you must send messages containing certain types financial or personal information (i.e. credit card or Social Security numbers).

Community members can send an encrypted message by including the text [ENCRYPT] in the email subject line:

illustration of how to use the subject line to encrypt a message

If you try to send an unencrypted email containing what appears to be a Social Security or credit card number, you may see a warning message cautioning you against emailing this information.

Encrypted email can be sent to and outside email addresses. To view an encrypted message, follow the instructions in the email:

illustration highlighting in-message instructions for opening an encrypted email

Those with a Bryn Mawr email account should Sign in. Those without a Bryn Mawr email account should Use a one-time passcode:

illustration highlighting Sign-in and One time passcode options

Replies to encrypted emails will be encrypted as well.

More information about Office 365 Message Encryption

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