Using Office 365 Add-ins

Add-ins in Office 365 are third-party programs or utilities that help you automate tasks when you view or create messages. LITS has enabled two add-ins for all Bryn Mawr College accounts. Most Office 365 Add-ins will ask you to authenticate or link the Add-in to your Bryn Mawr account. The Add-ins mentioned below have been tested by LITS and we think you may find them useful. We encourage you to try them out and see how they might work best for you.


FindTime is a scheduling tool that allows you to poll invitees to find an agreeable time to meet. While the Outlook Web App has a built-in Scheduling Assistant for viewing free and busy time within the Bryn Mawr College community, FindTime lets you get direct feedback from people you’ll be inviting to the event before you schedule it. It even works with non-Bryn Mawr email accounts.

To use FindTime:

  • When composing a message, click Add-ins, and then select FindTime. People in the To: field are listed as required attendees and people in the Cc: field are optional.
  • A selected day’s schedule will display in selectable half-hour increments (by default) that each show every potential participant’s availability (mouseover person icons next to each time to view name and availability).
  • Click on any potential times across multiple days, then click Next to preview your list of selected times, then click Insert to email.
  • Recipients can vote on which times are most convenient for them, and you’ll receive an email notification whenever someone votes. Additionally, all potential times are marked on your calendar as “tentative.” If there is a single time on which the invitees agree, the event will automatically be scheduled on all invitees’ calendars.
  • FindTime polls appear similarly to Bryn Mawr and non-Bryn Mawr invitees, and all are able to vote.


Boomerang is a tool that allows you to schedule email. This could mean hiding a message from your inbox until you’ll need to see it again, or scheduling a message to send at a later date. This can help you keep your inbox neat, remind yourself to follow up with others, or send an email when you will otherwise be away from your email.

To use Boomerang:

  • When composing a message, click Add-ins, and then select Boomerang.
  • Use Remind Me… to schedule a reminder email to send to yourself at a future date and time.
  • Use Send Later to schedule an email to send to someone else at a future date and time.