Using Clutter in Office 365

Posted July 12th, 2016 at 3:59 pm.

Clutter is a feature of Office 365 that reduces distraction by helping you filter your low-priority email. This way, messages that you don’t need to see right away don’t crowd your inbox, but but they’re still readily available for review.

Please note: Clutter is enabled by default – if you decide you’d rather not use it, you’ll need to turn it off

How does Clutter work?

Clutter sorts messages by looking at what you’ve done with inbox messages in the past to determine those you’re most likely to read later or ignore. It then moves them out of your inbox and into a separate Clutter folder.

image of Clutter listed among mail folders

Will Clutter delete my messages?

Don’t worry – Clutter won’t delete anything. Messages will remain in your Clutter folder until you move them.

  • You may find that Clutter has moved some messages retroactively
  • If you think a message is missing from your inbox, check Clutter
  • When you search your mail, you’re searching Clutter as well

Clutter isn’t working very well yet. Is there anything I can do to improve it?

The more you use your email, the better Clutter will get at recognizing messages that are truly low priority. You can also manually move messages from your inbox to Clutter to help it learn.

Clutter will periodically send you an email letting you know that it’s moved new and different messages to your Clutter folder.


This is a good reminder to check and make sure it’s not moving the wrong messages. It’s important to do this periodically so that Clutter learns efficiently and to ensure you’re not putting off messages you’d rather see upon arrival.

Clutter can occasionally misdirect messages to your Clutter folder; moving the message back to your inbox will help Clutter learn. Simply hover over the message you want to move and a menu will appear for either deleting it or moving it to your inbox.

image of moving a message to your inbox from the Clutter folder

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