What is OneNote?

Posted July 12th, 2016 at 3:12 pm.

You may have seen the OneNote icon on your computer at some point, and now you’ve likely seen it within the Office 365 app launcher. Unless you’ve independently explored this app, you might not know much about OneNote. So, what exactly is OneNote?

OneNote in Office 365

OneNote in Office 365


OneNote is a digital notetaking application that allows for free-form information gathering as well as multi-user collaboration. Users can enter typed or handwritten notes, drawings, audio recordings, file attachments, screen clippings, and even video! If you do a lot of notetaking during class or meetings, collaborate on projects, or just need a better way to organize your day to day notes, OneNote can help make all of that centralized and tidy across all of your devices. Everything within OneNote is searchable, and your notebooks can be accessed via OneDrive for use anywhere.

OneNote mimics using a physical notebook. You have the ability to create multiple notebooks, pages, and tabs to organize your notes.

See it, experience it, learn it

Watch a brief intro to OneNote on the Microsoft website: https://www.onenote.com/  (Click on “See it in action”)

In addition to being available online through Office 365 and being installed on all College-owned machines, OneNote is freely available via Microsoft’s website for personal machines.


OneNote is also available as a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Download the app from your device’s app store.

Need further instruction on how to use OneNote? Log in to LinkedIn Learning and view one of the many courses focusing on Microsoft OneNote!

Never used LinkedInLearning.com before? Find out more here: https://techdocs.blogs.brynmawr.edu/7627

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