Microsoft Office: Personal Devices

The following article applies to personal devices. For Public/Lab computers, see Microsoft Office: Public/Lab Computers.

Before you start, you will need access to the following:

  • a Bryn Mawr College account
  • a personal laptop or desktop computer with internet access

Table of Contents:


Office365: Overview

You can install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices simultaneously including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

*Microsoft Teams & OneDrive must be installed separately.

**For a full list of all applications offered, see All Apps.


Installing Microsoft Office

  1. Open Google Chrome¹ and navigate to
  2. If prompted, login using your College username and password
  3. Click Install Office in the top-right, select Office 365 apps
  4. To begin the installation, run the .exe or .dmg file that was downloaded
Tip: How to find a downloaded file


Your default download location is probably the Downloads folder, which you can find in the File Explorer app (Windows) or the Finder app (macOS).


  1. After the installation finishes, open any Microsoft Office application
  2. Sign-in with your College username and password to active the software suite

¹Any internet browser works, but Google Chrome will provide the experience most consistent with these instructions.




If you have any additional questions or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

Phone: 610-526-7440
Location: Canaday Library 1st Floor