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Posted January 15th, 2020 at 3:35 pm.

Accessing a Course’s Recordings: the Panopto Moodle Block

Anyone with a Student role in a Moodle course can view all of a course’s recordings in the Panopto Moodle block, pictured below. Each of the recordings will be listed under Completed Recordings. By default, this block is in the right sidebar of new course shells.

If this block is missing from your Moodle course, you can add it back in by clicking Turn editing on, scrolling down the left sidebar until you see Add a Block, and choosing Panopto from the drop-down menu.

If you can see the block but a student cannot, they may have hidden it (only the title will appear) or docked it (only the title appears vertically on the left side of the screen). Instead of going through Moodle, you can also directly visit the Bryn Mawr Panopto platform to access your recordings.

When sharing a Panopto recording to Moodle, and adding it to a specific Course Week or activity/resource, the quickest way to do so is through the Panopto Embed button.


Using the Panopto Embed Button in Moodle

In some cases, you may want particular Panopto recordings to correlate with a specific course week or section, outside of the general list that’s found in the Moodle Block. To embed a Panopto recording into your course, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Moodle course.
  2. Turn editing on, and select Add an activity or resource.
  3. After deciding which kind of activity/resource you’d like to add, take a look at the toolbar that appears and directly click the small green Panopto Embed button in the toolbar.


You’ll then be given three options to add the video to your Moodle Course:

    • Choose“: Here you’ll be able to select the video you want to add to your activity/resource from a list of all of the Panopto recordings you’ve made for said course.

    • Upload“: With the Upload option, you can upload a particular video or audio file from your computer to be embedded into the activity/resource.

    • Record“: With Record, you can record a new video to be added. After selecting this option, you’ll be able to open the Panopto desktop app directly. After finishing the recording, it will be processed and uploaded to Panopto–afterwards, the new recording will be uploaded to your pre-selected Moodle activity/resource.


After choosing which option you’d like to use, click Save and Return to Course and you should now your video embedded into its new activity/resource/section. Please note that students will have to log in with their Moodle credentials to access the video.


Need more?

Check out Panopto’s documentation on embedding videos into Moodle courses here! Or check out their video tutorial on the subject.

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