Copy Content from Another Moodle Course: Restore

Posted June 7th, 2018 at 6:33 pm.

While you can use Import or the Sharing Cart to copy materials from another Moodle course that is still on the same server, you will need to use Restore to copy from courses that are no longer on the server or on a different server (i.e., MoodleArchive). You will need a a backup file of the old course that does not include any student data or files. See Back Up a Moodle Site (No User Data) for instructions on making one.

  1. Log in to your new Moodle course or course shell.
  2. Go to the Actions menu (gear icon in upper right-hand corner of site) and click Restore.
  3. Under Import a backup file, click Choose a file … to browse for your backup file on your computer or drag and drop the backup file into the Upload window.
  4. Once you’ve selected the file, click Restore.
  5. On the Confirm page, scroll to the bottom and click Continue.
  6. On the Destination page, scroll down to Restore into this Course and click Continue.
  7. The next couple of pages allow you to select the elements in the backup file you want to restore. Everything is included by default, you can uncheck things you don’t need if you need to, and scroll to the bottom of each page and click Next.
  8. When you get to the Review page, scroll down to the bottom and click Perform restore.
  9. After the upload process is complete, click Continue to return to your main course page.
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