Sharing Panopto Recordings Outside of Moodle

Posted January 12th, 2020 at 12:34 pm.

Panopto is integrated with Moodle in order to make it easy for faculty to record and share course-related video with students. However, you can also share links to Panopto videos outside of Moodle and embed video or links in websites.

To share viewing links to Panopto videos:

  1. Log into Panopto.
  2. Find the recording you want to share and select the Share button underneath.
  3. Under the Who has access section, choose the level of access:
    • Anyone with the link — use this for public videos; anyone who clicks on the link or the embedded video can view.
    • Anyone at your organization with the link — choose this for videos you only want to share with current Bryn Mawr college students, faculty and staff: viewers will need to log into using their college credentials to view link.
    • Anyone at your organization — choose this to make videos more visible to current Bryn Mawr faculty, students and staff. Everyone logged into will see these videos in their “Shared with me” and “What’s new” feeds, and the video may show up in site-wide searches
    • Specific people — use this to generate a link that only works for specific individuals you invite to view.
  4. Panopto will generate a new URL for the recording. Copy this URL and share it with anyone who needs to view the recording.

Note: by default, sharing only gives people the ability to a stream the video — that is, to view while logged in to the Internet. You must enable downloading (either for everyone or select individuals) to give viewers the ability to download and watch offline.

For more information and help with troubleshooting, see Panopto’s How to Share a Video documentation or their video tutorial on the subject.


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