Mobile and AirPrint Printing in Library Labs (Pilot)

Posted August 30th, 2017 at 5:27 pm.

This fall we will be making a few methods of mobile printing available in our library labs.  This is a pilot, meaning that it’s a new service we’re trying and not all the kinks may be worked out; if you have issues, you may be directed to try from a lab computer.  As with printing from a lab or personal computer, you will need to use your OneCard to release jobs at the printer.



AirPrint (iOS)

If you have an iPhone or iPad running a recent version of iOS, you can now print to labprint as an AirPrint printer.  Labprint is available from within Canaday, Collier, and Carpenter as well as GSSW.  As always, when you’re printing from Web-based mobile views, print formatting can be a little odd.

If you’re not familiar with AirPrint, Apple has instructions.

While we have provided this service primarily for mobile printing, you can also AirPrint from a Mac with a recent version of OS X/macOS.

Find out more about UniFLOW’s AirPrint support at

Printing via Email

Send an attached document to  Walk to any LabPrint printer in Canaday, Collier, or Carpenter or the GSSW Lab to release the prints.

  • You must send FROM your Bryn Mawr email address.
  • Use your Bryn Mawr username and password to connect to the printer.  Using your full email address is not needed.
  • Your document must be one of the following types: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF.  Note that other document types will be rejected and will not print.
  • The email message itself will not print, only the attachments.

Printing via UniFLOW App (iOS, Android)

At this time, use of the UniFLOW App is not recommended, though we may add it in the future.

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