Announcements in Drupal

Posted July 18th, 2018 at 4:26 pm.

Announcements are items that can be submitted to the Daily Digest e-newsletter via a form. Announcements can appear up to twice in the e-newsletter. They include a headline, information of up to 200 characters, and an optional link to a website for more information.

Creating an Announcement:

  • Drupal Users: Content->Add Content->Annonuncement and fill out the form.
  • Non-Drupal Users: Navigate to and fill out the form.

Filling in the form:

Fill in the title of Announcement [ Example: Last day of class ]

Fill in Announcement text. This would be the informational blurb to describe the announcement.

Select to opt out of Daily Digest if you don’t wish for it to be part of that.

If you want it in Daily Digest, please select to which audience group you wish to advertise this announcement. Also, please select the two Daily Digest publish dates

Fill in your email so that Communications can contact you.

Fill in the optional URL.  This URL will be linking the title of the announcement to the URL address, whether that is an outside link or a page on the Bryn Mawr website

If you are a Non-Drupal User, at this point in the form, you can click the “I’m not a robot” box and press Save. Then await confirmation that it has been published.

Syndicating the Announcement (Drupal Users only)

If you are a Drupal User, and you wish this announcement to be syndicated to other pages outside of /events, click on the Syndication tab on the left to continue.

Select your section or topic that you wish to use to be able to embed this announcement on a different page than /events

Select display date range.  This helps the announcement stay on the pages for only a relevant amount of time.

Press Save

Await confirmation that it has been published.

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