Editing the Download Settings of Panopto Recordings

Posted January 17th, 2020 at 7:47 pm.

By default, anyone with a Student role in a Moodle course site can watch Panopto recordings for the course in several ways:

  • Watch in a web browser over a Internet connection
  • Stream video to a Panopto app on their mobile device
  • Download the recordings and audio and video podcasts versions of the recordings to view offline

Downloads are often useful in a academic course context as they enable students to view content at times and in places where they do not have Internet access. However, there are times when it’s necessary to prevent a recording from being downloaded–for instance, during job talks or lectures where confidential information is covered.

For all Moodle courses, anyone with a Teacher role in that course can go into Panopto to disable or enable recording downloads. To do so:

  1. Log in to Moodle and navigate to that course.
  2. Click the Panopto Course Settings link inside the Panopto Moodle block.
  3. Once at your Panopto dashboard, find the video you want to edit the download settings for and select the Settings button underneath it.
  4. To prevent people from downloading your videos, check out the Downloads section within Settings and leave it set at the default–“Use folder setting”, which only gives “Admins, videographers, and the video’s creator” permission to download recordings.
















  1. To allow students or community members to download your recordings, go back to the Downloads section within Settings and choose Authenticated users with access. You’ll also see these options:
    • No one
    • Admins only
    • Admins, videographers, and creator only
  1. Click the x.
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