Encrypting a College-Owned Computer (macOS)

Posted May 17th, 2019 at 4:20 pm.


We strongly recommend installing Code42 (CrashPlan) before encrypting your computer. Backing up your computer makes data recovery possible should anything go wrong.

Any work you try to do on your computer while completing the steps below might not be saved.

Follow these steps to encrypt your College-owned computer:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Bryn Mawr College network (eduroam/wireless is fine).
  2. Open Software Center. Click on the Featured category in the app’s left-hand side. In Featured, find the advertisement called Encryption.
  3. Steps 3 and 4 will ask for your College username and password. Start the installation by clicking Install. Shortly after running the installation, a notification should appear in the upper right corner of your screen, stating “Process finished. Please save and close all windows and restart your computer by selecting the Apple logo in the top left hand corner of the screen and select Restart.” Follow these instructions.
  4. After your computer restarts, you will see a pop-up asking you to “Add this user to FileVault.” Enter your College username and password in the space provided. If you get a message saying “There was a problem enabling FileVault on your Computer,” contact the Help Desk to set up an appointment. Until your appointment, you can use your computer as usual.
  5. You’ll see a message letting you know the initial setup will take a few minutes. Click OK.
  6. Your computer will restart again. Log in as usual with your College username and password.
  7. Your computer will continue to encrypt itself for several hours (it will resume automatically if it gets interrupted) and will require no further actions from you. You can now use your computer as you normally would.

Note: Once you have run the Encryption installer, it will no longer appear in software center. (If it does, don’t worry—it should go away sometime soon.)

Interested in encrypting an email? See our tech doc on Using Email Encryption in Office 365.

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