Studio 313: Recording a Video

Posted August 29th, 2019 at 1:16 pm.

This guide is meant to provide assistance using the hardware and software contained in Studio 313 (Canaday Room 313). For instruction on how to use your own equipment or equipment borrowed from the Canaday Circulation Desk, please email, and a member of the Educational Technology Services team can provide a consultation.

  • Turn on the LG TV by pressing the red power button on the top left of the remote.
  • Log in to the computer with your Bryn Mawr username/password.
  • Check that the room Logitech webcam on the mini-tripod is plugged into the PC on the wall.
  • To record a video, open the Logitech Capture App by clicking on the Start menu in the bottom left-hand corner and scrolling down to the L’s. There is a folder for Logitech; expand that folder, and the Logitech Capture App will appear. Click on the app to launch it.
  • Once in the app, the video option is on by default. There are many settings you can control before you start your video by clicking on the menu (stacked lines) in the top left of the screen. By default, Source 1 is set to the webcam; you can add a second source that is your desktop screen or another app (i.e. PowerPoint). You can also control the order in which Sources 1 and 2 display.
  • In Source 1 (webcam by default), you can control the Zoom function, which you may want to do beforehand so that only the backdrop is included in your video. If you click on the camera icon in the left-hand menu, you can set your video resolution and toggle on/off the Logitech watermark that will appear on your recorded video (we recommend toggling this off).
  • When you are ready to record, press the round red record button in the bottom middle of the screen. There will be a three-second countdown, and then your recording will begin.
  • When you are finished, press the Stop button on the bottom middle of the screen.
  • Your recorded video will go into the folder icon on the bottom menu of the screen. It’s location on the computer will be:
    Videos -> Logitech -> Logitech Capture. To play it back, double-click on the file and then press the Play button. You can then save the video to your desktop, a USB drive, or upload it to the web.
  • When you are finished, please log out of the computer and turn off the monitor using the red power button on the remote. If you attached your own audio or video device, remember to eject this and take it with you. We ask that you please re-plug in any devices and leave the room the way you found it.

**You may also record a video on a platform of choice. For example, you can record video in PowerPoint to make a voice-over presentation, or you can record directly in Moodle. If you need help with these options, or would prefer a consultation before starting your recording, please contact, and a member of the Educational Technology Services team can provide additional assistance.

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