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Artstor is Bryn Mawr’s primary resource for images from museums, library, and archival collections. It’s quick and easy to access both on and off campus.

To access on-campus:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the red “Go” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

To access off-campus:

If you have not created an account:

  1. Click the “Off Campus Access” link in the left hand column on the library webpage, or click here.
  2. Log with your Bryn Mawr Username.
  3. Go to

If you have created an account:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your username. Once you have logged in on campus, you will have off campus access for 120 days. If during or after the 120 days you would like to restart the counter, just log in on campus.

Once you have access, you can either search by keyword, or browse through images grouped into a variety of categories.

  • Note: If your professor has created an Artstor folder of images specifically for your course, you can access them by clicking “Open” under the “Folders and Images Groups” heading, and then choosing the class you wish to view.

Once you have found the image you desire, you can open it in a larger viewer by double clicking on the thumbnail displayed within the search window. Another browser window will open containing the image at a larger size. At the bottom of this window is a toolbox containing icons for zoom in and zoom out, rotate, move, print, and save.

If you register with a username on the Artstor webpage, you can create image groups of your own. Under the organize heading, select New Image Group. Title the group, and save it. Now when you select images,  you can select Save to Image Group under Organize.

Have more questions? Check out the excellent help documents provided by Artstor:

If you need help researching images, check out the Art History Subject Guide on the library page.

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