Courses Not Showing Up on Moodle

Posted September 10th, 2019 at 5:10 pm.

Academic Courses

Academic courses are created in Bionic, and data from Bionic about new courses is periodically uploaded to Moodle to create new course sites. If you aren’t seeing an academic course, please use the following troubleshooting steps to narrow down the problem:

  1. Be sure you are looking on the right Moodle site. Each of the Tri-Colleges has its own, and your courses will show up on the site of the college hosting the course:
  2. Is the course showing up in Bionic?
    • If the course is in Bionic, but not Moodle, it was probably created after we last synced data about new courses with Moodle. Please email and let us know which course is missing so we can upload it into Moodle.
    • If the course is not yet in Bionic, then it needs to be created there first. Please contact the Provost’s Office or your department chair.
  3. Are you listed as a Teacher or Student in the course in Bionic?
    • By default, you will only have access to Moodle sites for academic courses that you are enrolled in through Bionic.
    • If you are teaching a course, but not listed as the teacher in Bionic, please contact the Provost’s Office or your Department Chair.
    • If you are a student, and not listed in the Bionic course roster, you need to register for it; please contact the Registrar’s Office for help with registration issues.
    • If you are listed as a teacher or student in the Bionic course, but not in Moodle,
    • If you are shopping a course and want temporary access to view readings or the syllabus, ask the professor to add you as an Auditor or to turn on Guest Access in order to allow all non-enrolled students to access to the course.

Non-Course Sites

Many departments on campus use Moodle for things other than academic courses that you register for in Bionic — for example, for placement tests, orientation “courses,” programs, and advising. These courses are created manually and in most cases enrollment is controlled by the person with the Teacher role who manages the site.

  • If you need access to a site, contact the person or department that manages it and make sure they have enrolled you as a participant.
  • If you are the person who manages the site:
    • Check the Participants list if and enroll anyone not listed to give them access.
    • If they are already enrolled in the Participants list but can’t access, email send and email with the name of the participant and the name of the course to
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