Curating and Recommending Content on LinkedIn Learning

Posted October 30th, 2019 at 10:26 am.

LinkedIn Learning offers users the ability to curate lists of videos, which can then be shared as custom content within an organization, as well as shared externally. By curating these lists, users can group videos that address specific skills or topics.

All users are able to curate content and link to the content externally. However, only LinkedIn Learning administrators have the ability to recommend curated lists or collections to their own community. This guide explains how users can curate content and link to it externally, as well as how Bryn Mawr College’s LinkedIn Learning administrators can recommend curated content to the organization.


For all LinkedIn Learning users


• Make sure you are logged into your LinkedIn Learning account using your Bryn Mawr credentials. To do so, go to and choose Sign in with your organization account.

• On your homepage, use the Browse menu to find videos and courses you are interested in. If you wish to add a video to your curated list, click Add to collection. You may choose to give your collection a placeholder name, as you will be able to edit its title later on. If you are unsure whether a video is relevant to the collection, you may add the video at this time, as you will also be able to edit your collection later on.

• On the top bar of your homepage, go to your Saved videos. Within the Saved category, select Collections to view the lists you have created so far.

• Choose the More option if you would like to edit the title of your collection, add or delete videos.

• Use the Share option to obtain an external link for your collection. You can post this link on any external website or social media platform.


For Administrators recommending curated content


• Follow the steps in the previous section, including copying the external link to your curated custom content.

• Then, at the top of your homepage, go to your Admin page.

• Next, on the top section, find the Content tab and go to Custom Content.

• Navigate from Custom Content to Add Content. Here, you will paste the link you obtained in the first part of this guide. By adding the link, your curated custom content will now appear in your Library section.

• Hover over the specific content you wish to recommend to your community. Using the More button for the selected content, find the option Recommend to learners/groups.


Recommending to specific users/all members of the organization


• By choosing specific users or groups, the curated content will be shared via email notification to each person and/or group you have selected.

• When choosing to recommend the curated content to all members of your organization, users will not receive an email about the content. Instead, the recommended content will appear in the users’ homepage under the tab From Your Org, or in users’ personal account menu, under the option From Your Organization.

For more help, visit LinkedIn Learning’s Help Center topics Curating and Managing Content and Recommending Content

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