Hosting Zoom Meetings

Posted April 1st, 2020 at 11:43 am.

This article explains how to use the Zoom meeting as a host to admit participants, view non-verbal reactions and raised hands, and control what participants can do.

Prefer video? Watch Zoom’s Meeting Controls Overview.

Before You Begin …

This article assumes that you have already done the following:

Start a Meeting

  1. Open the Zoom Client on your computer
  3. Click Meetings at the top banner
  4. Select your class and click Start
  5. If prompted, click Join with Computer Audio
  6. Click on the Microphone icon to mute/unmute yourself and the Camera icon to turn your webcam on/off

Admitting Participants

By default, Zoom gives you complete control over who has access to your class, meaning you will need to let your students in.

  1. Click Manage Participants

  2. a) Admit or deny an individual…
    Hover your mouse over their name, click Admit or Remove.
    b) Admit everyone
    If everyone waiting is familiar, click Admit all.

Sharing your desktop or a file

  1. Click Share Screen
  2. You may need to grant Zoom access for screen-sharing and recording. If so, follow the pop-up prompts provided by Zoom.
  3. Zoom covers the difference between the available options of screen and file sharing.

Zoom should NOT be used for any kind of permanent file storage, use OneDrive or Moodle instead.


Managing the Meeting



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