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Posted July 20th, 2020 at 8:36 am.

Request scanned articles and chapters from Bryn Mawr-owned journals and books through the interlibrary loan form. In lieu of a scan, we may purchase and provide access to an e-book.

Note: it may not be possible to fulfill all requests for scans from volumes that Bryn Mawr does not own, because many libraries are closed to non-affiliates and are able to provide only limited services.


Placing a request for a scan

  1. Login to to Interlibrary Loan using your Bryn Mawr ID and password (for help using ILL, consult these FAQs)
First time logging into ILL?

You may have to click “Acknowledge and Agree” after logging in.

  1. Under New Request click Article, Book, Book Chapter, etc.
  2. Enter in as much as information as possible
    • If you know that a book or journal is available at Bryn Mawr, and you have the location and call number, please enter them in the “Notes” field.
  3. Click Submit Request
  4. To confirm that your items are being processed, navigate to the Main Menu; successfully requested titles will appear and their current status will be visible.
  5. Once your scan is ready, you will receive an email with a link to download your item(s). Scans will be available for 30 days.

Have multiple articles from the same book or journal?
  1. On the Main Menu, find Outstanding Requests
  2. Click the number assigned to the article under Transaction
  3. At the top, click Clone Request
  4. A copy of the original request will be created, which can be edited as needed and submitted
Is there a limit to how much of an item I can request?

Because of copyright, we may be limited in the amount of a work we can scan. Please contact your subject librarian if you have questions about these limits and scanning for course reserves.



Additional Questions?

Regarding books & scanning requests
Research questions
Library account

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