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Posted June 9th, 2021 at 3:53 pm.

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Last updated: June 23, 2021

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IT Support & Services

Is Tech Support & the Help Desk available during the summer? 

Yes! The Help Desk is accessible via phone, email, and in-person appointments. To get started, simply reach out to the Help Desk or search our Tech Docs.

How will IT Support be different over the summer?

See Technical Support during COVID-19 for more information.

Are loaner laptops available? How do I borrow one?

Loaners are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be withheld if alternative solutions are available. All loaners need to be pre-requested via the Help Desk.

Are equipment loans available? How can I borrow/return equipment?

Yes! All BMC community members can check out equipment for four (4) days. The equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis from the Canaday Circulation Desk.

Can I continue to access software remotely?
including Photoshop and other Adobe products

Yes! Some software is available to download for use on personal computers — including Microsoft Office.

Remote access to College software is also available. Most College software is available on both.

  • LabStats: access a physical computer, remotely
  • Apporto: access a virtual computer, remotely

Not sure which to use? Try LabStats first. Use Apporto if your device doesn’t support RDP (i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc.) or if no computers are available via LabStats.

Are computer labs open over the summer?

Yes! Computer labs are open and available for in-person use.

Where can I print & scan during the summer?

Several Canon multi-function printers are available during library hours to print to or scan from. You can also scan from your smartphone!


  • Four on the 1st Floor
  • Two on A floor


  • Two on A floor

Color printing?

  • While Collier is closed, a Canon multi-function printer with color capability is available in the Park 2nd floor atrium in the corner nearest to the library entrance.

For large-format book scanning, the Zeutschel Zeta overhead scanner (located in the Digital Media and Collaboration Lab in Carpenter Library) is available for individual use by appointment: book an appointment here. Please bring a USB memory stick to save your files because this scanner is not connected to the network.

What technology is available outside?

Targeted WiFi coverage is available in these areas:

  • Campus Center patio
  • Canaday patio
  • Taft Garden (behind Canaday)
  • Wyndham green
  • The green around the intersection of Canaday and Taylor drives
  • Lower athletics field

Devices that may cause connectivity issues or interfere with other student’s devices are not permitted on-campus. This includes:

  • Personal Wi-Fi hotspots (including cellphone hotspots)
  • Wireless access points or routers
  • Any other device that broadcasts its own network name/SSID
Want to know more about the College network? (Click me!)

Unlike in a home/consumer internet context, we aren’t able to add “hotspots” or “boosters” in our campus network environment. Network devices are balanced dynamically across campus to minimize interference and optimize performance and coverage. The system is making real-time adjustments continuously across all of our campus access points, and adding hotspots creates new interference.

No projectors, amplification, or other classroom technology is available in outdoor locations. We do not recommend holding hybrid courses outdoors. Real-time web conferencing outdoors with more than two people involved is problematic for several reasons. You will experience a lot more variability in your internet connection than you would in an indoor space, and students who are on site and students who are remote will not be able to hear each other.

How can I access BMC and LITS resources from home?

Some resources will require the use of the Pulse Secure VPN or EZProxy services.

This includes (but is not limited to) network file storage, software downloads, library e-books, journals, and databases.

What other remote tools/resources are available?

For more information, browse our curated set of Academic Continuity tech docs.

Always consider accessibility before a class or meeting.


Library Services

Are the libraries open this summer?

Yes, Canaday and Carpenter libraries are open to Bryn Mawr and Haverford faculty, staff, and students. See the hours page for up-to-date information. Collier is closed for renovation.

The libraries are not currently open to visitors because of College policy, but please check back over the course of the summer for updates.

Where do I return library materials?

You can return materials to the book drop outside Canaday.

If you have any questions, please contact the Circulation Desk at

I’m studying remotely this summer. How will I get access to library resources for my classes?

See our Library Basics guide, with information about how to access electronic resources and services.

Can I get a scan of a chapter or an article from a print book or journal in the Bryn Mawr libraries?

Beginning this summer, scanning will be available only for things patrons can’t access or would have difficulty accessing. If you are on campus and able to get into the library, please retrieve Bryn Mawr books from the stacks and request Tri-Co books for pickup at Bryn Mawr as you normally would.

If you are away from campus, you can use Interlibrary Loan to request scans of articles or book chapters Bryn Mawr doesn’t own, and articles and chapters Bryn Mawr does own but that you can’t access (we can scan sections from our print materials for you).

If you just need the table of contents from one of our books so you can decide what to request, please email We can take a picture of the page for you so that you can decide what to request through Interlibrary Loan.

We’re limited in how much we can scan if the book is in copyright, but feel free to get in touch ( and ask us if we can help you find another source.

What are the library hours?

See the Hours page for current library hours.

Can visitors and alums use the libraries?

This summer the libraries are only open to current faculty, students and staff of Bryn Mawr. You will need a current OneCard for entry.

How do I borrow library materials?

Beginning on June 7, the stacks will be open and accessible to anyone using Canaday and Carpenter libraries, and quarantining of returned books will end. You will need a current OneCard for entry.

Can I borrow books through Interlibrary Loan or EZ-Borrow?

Yes. EZ-Borrow and ILL are available for borrowing books that Bryn Mawr doesn’t own.

Interlibrary Loan is available for materials that are not available in EZ-Borrow, and for journal articles.

For more information, see Borrowing Beyond TriCo.

Can I come to the library to study? Can students still have assigned carrels?

Yes, Canaday and Carpenter are open to current faculty, students and staff of Bryn Mawr. You will need a current OneCard for entry, and will need to wear a face mask in the building.

We will begin assigning socially distanced student carrels, by request. Those assigned carrels will be available for use beginning June 14.

I just need to see the table of contents or check a citation in a Bryn Mawr library book. Can you help me?

Sure! Just email

I’m having problems accessing library databases from off campus. What’s wrong?

EZProxy won’t work with the VPN. If you’re using the Pulse Secure app to connect to the VPN, you’ll have to log out before using EZProxy. See Off-Campus access to troubleshoot problems with EZ-Proxy, VPN (Pulse Secure), and Xfinity Advanced Security.

How can I get help with my research?

Librarians are available and happy to assist you with in-depth research and answer questions about the libraries. Email questions to Ask a Librarian, or book an online research consultation with a librarian.

Can I access Special Collections?

BiCo community members can make appointments to work with Special Collections materials in the Special Collections Reading Room. Patrons will be seated one person per table, and one staff member will be at the desk, to allow for social distancing.

Small groups (up to 3) can make appointments to work with Special Collections materials and staff in the Special Collections Seminar Room.

The 3rd Floor of Old Library is available on an appointment basis for 1-2 people to consult collections stored in Old Library or as overflow space for consulting other Special Collections materials.

Special Collections is open between 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, email or call 610-526-6576. See the website for more information.

Visible Storage will be set up in the Canaday 2nd-floor gallery to allow contactless study of materials related to courses.

More Questions? Ask a Librarian


Services for Faculty

Note: More information in IT Support & Services above
Can I get scans of book chapters or entire books?

Beginning this summer, scanning will be available only for things patrons can’t access or would have difficulty accessing. If you are on campus and able to get into the library, please retrieve Bryn Mawr books from the stacks and request Tri-Co books for pickup at Bryn Mawr as you normally would.

If you are off campus, Bryn Mawr scanning (digitization of articles and chapters from Bryn Mawr-owned journals and books) and Interlibrary Loan (for articles, chapters, and books Bryn Mawr doesn’t own) are both being processed through the existing interlibrary loan form.

Entire books can’t be scanned due to copyright restrictions. For more information, see Library Scanning Services.

Can I place print books and DVDs on reserve in the fall? How will my students access these materials?

The library will be placing print books and DVDs on reserve in fall 2021. Submit reserve requests for books and video here. You may also contact your subject librarian or to discuss alternatives to physical reserves.

How can I request that the library buy a book, ebook or film?

Please email your subject librarian with requests for materials.

Will I be able to schedule a library instruction class?

Yes, contact your subject librarian. Online library course guides can also be designed to support courses and assignments. For more information, see our Information Literacy page.

How can I get help with online and blended teaching?

LITS’ Educational and Scholarly Technology team (EAST) provide ongoing support to faculty on all matters related to online, hybrid and blended teaching.

See our guide to Resources for Hybrid and Online Teaching.

More Questions? Ask a Librarian


Educational and Scholarly Technology

How can the Educational and Scholarly Technology (EAST) team help with my courses? How can I schedule a consultation?

EAST offers help with all aspects of digital course design, from researching and integrating tools that best meet students’ learning goals, to supporting the creation of digital content for your courses.

You can reach us by emailing us or schedule a consultation appointment through our team Calendly page.

Where are my old Moodle courses?

Fall 2020 and newer courses are available at Courses between Fall 2017 and Summer 2020 are available on our Moodle archive at

What changes will I see in Moodle this spring?

New Moodle features that became available in the fall include: collapsible topic sections, inline PDF grading, attendance tracking, and Zoom, Perusall, and Piazza integrations. We’re posting announcements about each of these features to the new Moodle site itself and publishing new Tech Docs regularly.

Do I need a Zoom account on Bryn Mawr’s license? How can I get one?

You may already have a personal account which you can use to attend Zoom meetings. However, all current faculty, staff and students are eligible for an account through Bryn Mawr’s license. A BMC account gives you the ability to host meetings for up to 300 simultaneous attendees with no time limit. We recommend using the BMC Zoom account for all College business.

Instructions to get an account on Bryn Mawr’s license and for logging into your BMC Zoom account are available here.

Is the Digital Media and Collaboration Lab open?

The Digital Media and Collaboration Lab in Carpenter Library is not open for use as a study or meeting space.

Media Lab computers with specialized software are available for use through remote desktop. 


The Makerspace

What, and where, is the Makerspace?

The Makerspace is located in Park 157, and provides tools and help for BMC community members to learn, experiment and develop as builders, designers, and makers. Any Trico community member is welcome to schedule time to use the facilities, though currently social distancing means that access is limited. The Makerspace’s equipment includes 3D printers and scanners, a laser cutter, CNC router, woodshop tools, sewing machines, and electronics and physical computing. We’re currently open by appointment on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1-7pm, and other times by appointment. Please contact to arrange a visit or schedule a video call.

Can I use the Makerspace? Are appointments or class visits possible?

Yes! But use of the Makerspace must be scheduled in advance, and use of some tools will require pre-training and/or certification. Email Bronwen Densmore, Makerspace Coordinator, for more information about using the space and tools: 

For more up to date information, including current hours, workshops and student employment opportunities, please visit the Makerspace website.

Welcome to the Makerspace





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