Remote Learning, Teaching, and Work: Suggested Computer Accessories

Posted June 9th, 2021 at 10:54 am.

This article overviews some basic computer accessories suggestions for students, faculty, and staff in remote work and learning environments.

All prices are from the time of writing and are thus subject to change.

Table of Contents:


Audio-Visual Equipment

Upgrade your audio or video! Gone are the days of microphone static, faulty earbuds, or having to use your phone as a makeshift webcam.


Basic resolution (720p):

Full HD resolution (1080p):


Headsets with microphones:



Keyboards, Mice, and Styluses

No more finagling with your old laptop trackpad or faulty keys. Type and click farther away from your computer without the hassle of cords!

Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Combos:

Wireless Mice:

*Functional buttons are primarily forward/back thumb buttons.

Wireless Keyboards:




Wacom Tablets:

What is this and how can it be used?


Input devices where a stylus acts as your mouse cursor, allowing you to effortlessly draw or annotate in any supported software¹. Two form factors are available:

  • Touchpad/without display: the movement of your stylus is only visible on your computer screen; requires a fair amount of practice and hand-eye coordination
  • Touchscreen/with display: acts as a secondary, touch-sensitive display where you can extend or mirror your primary display

¹Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, Zoom whiteboard, etc.


How can this be used for remote learning/teaching/work?


¹Recording a screen-cast and audio in a classroom works if you can stay near the iPad while recording — connect the iPad to the projector to view your display on the room screen.

Visit Apple’s website to compare models.

¹32GB is just enough if you store documents in the cloud. Otherwise, consider upgrading to the 128GB model.




USB-C to…



Additional Accessories


22″ Displays:

24″ Displays:

Scanner app: 

Home printer ($50-$150):

Document Camera:

What is this and how can it be used?


Record or display (on-screen) what you write on paper. Can be used to capture art, music, lab demos, and more — anything you are doing at a desk or table.

  • Panopto: can be a primary OR secondary camera in addition to the webcam/room camera
  • Zoom: can be a primary OR secondary camera by selecting Screen Share > Advanced or by using IPEVO Visualizer to output to your computer and then sharing your computer screen

IPEVO is a non-catalog vendor in E-Market. For more info, see


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