What is Campus Pack?

Posted March 1st, 2019 at 2:47 pm.

Campus Pack, created by Learning Tools, Inc., is a set of add-ons that provide social media tools (such as wikis, blogs, and podcasts) that can be used in e-learning environments like Moodle.These activities can be used in courses in highly customizable ways, allowing instructors to create anything from private journals in which students can track their work and progress to a course-wide, open Wiki that allows students to engage in collaborative and team projects.

The tools that we will be discussing – BlogJournalPodcast, and Wiki – can be published at varying levels of privacy by using the Groups and Grouping feature in your Moodle course, allowing instructors to create spaces for lab groups, class groups, TAs, or for individual students.Permissions can be set to control which users can view, edit, comment, tag, and/or manage the Campus Pack tool.

Campus Pack Blog, Journal, Podcast, and Wiki also provide instructors with an insular Content tool where they can not only track student contributions to any particular project, but can also grade any assignments that have been created within the Campus Pack activities. Activity Summary statistics include Total Entries, Total Views, and Total Comments along with a grid of individual student information.

There are two basic screens for Campus Pack that will be similar whether you are working with the Blog, Journal, Podcast, or Wiki. The first screen a professor may encounter should look very much like the image below:

Click for larger view

This screen is what will appear after you choose to add a campus pack activity to your Moodle course page. This screen simply allows you to create the activity. With this screen, you are not yet creating any entries, rather, you are creating the medium with which you and your students may create entries.

On the  screen above, you should enter the title of the activity that you wish to be displayed on your course page in the box labeled ‘Title’ and you should make sure that ‘Single Copy’ is ticked by ‘Deployment’.

Once you are finished with this, click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom.

After this, you will be brought to the main Campus Pack Interface for this particular Campus Pack activity. This should look much like the image below:

Click for larger view

That is your basic introduction to campus pack! For more specific information on the particular types of Campus Pack activities, take a look at our other posts on Campus Pack.



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