Zooming in Less-Than-Ideal Circumstances

Posted July 10th, 2020 at 6:43 pm.

It’s often not possible to Zoom from a quiet place or on a flawless Internet connections.

Internet Bandwidth and Data Limit Issues

Things individuals can do:

  • If you are on a wifi connection, try moving closer to the wifi router. Plug directly into your router if possible.
  • Turn off other applications and devices that are using your Internet connection.
  • If you share an Internet connection with others or have better bandwidth at certain times a day try to schedule video-intensive calls so to maximize bandwidth.
  • Turn off your video.
  • Make sure HD video is disabled. In the desktop client go to Settings > Video and make sure Enable HD video is unchecked.
  • Mute your audio when you’re not talking.

Things hosts and participants can do collectively:

  • Ask everyone (or even all non-speakers) to turn off video. Reducing video usage is the easiest way to reduce the amount of data transmitted to participants computers.
  • Keep screen sharing to a minimum and ask others not to share their screens. For a lower-bandwidth alternatives:
    • Send participants the PowerPoints or documents so they can open and view them on their own computers while listening.
    • Use collaborative document-editing tools like Word Online or Google Docs. These use less bandwidth.
  • Record meetings and share in a way that participants can download to watch without streaming.

Background Noise

  • Use headphones so you can hear better.
  • Use a headset with a noise-canceling microphone or a smartphone (which tends to have a noise-canceling microphone).
  • Go to Audio Settings > Advanced and try turning on Suppress Persistent Background Noise and/or Suppress Intermittent Audio Noise.
  • Mute your audio when you aren’t talking.

Video Issues

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