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Posted July 13th, 2020 at 11:34 am.

Depending on how each of your classes is set up, you may need various tools to navigate remote coursework. If you are unsure if there will be a remote component to your course, please reach out to your professor for more details.

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Before you transition to remote work, please check in with your professors to determine required software for your personal computer and if student licenses are available.

You can use your Bryn Mawr College credentials to access software, such as Microsoft Office, Zoom, and Read&Write. You may also be eligible for additional software through COVID-19 licensing – see for more information.

We are still working on exploring and implementing the best way to continue granting remote software access through the Fall. Stay tuned for more information on this!


Internet Access

If you are unable to rely on Bryn Mawr’s network connection, your alternate options are:

  • Sign up for internet service
    • You can find the internet service providers available in your area using
    • If you plan on participating in video calls, you will want at least 3Mbps upload and download speeds and 10Mbps if you frequently need to upload/download files and/or there will be multiple people connecting your network
    • If you are experiencing slowness, contact your service provider and switch to an Ethernet connection if possible.
  • Use a mobile hotspot
    • Depending on your cellphone service provider and phone model, you may be able to use your mobile device as a hotspot
    • If you are unable to use your phone as a hotspot, you can contact your service provider to purchase one.
    • Please note that hotspots use mobile data, so you will want to choose your data plan carefully since a Zoom conference call uses between 2GB-2.5GB of data per hour.
  • Use public wifi
Tip: access to eduroam off-campus

If you are working remotely from the campus of another eduroam institution, you will be able to connect to the network using your full Bryn Mawr email address and password. For information on where to find eduroam and how to connect, please see and



In addition to the computer you brought with you to Bryn Mawr, these additional pieces of hardware can be useful for remote work:

  • A printer/scanner
  • Tools for video conferencing
    • Headsets with a microphone attachment can be useful for online classes since they minimize the chance of distracting audio feedback compared to if you are using your laptop’s speakers
    • Depending on whether your laptop as a camera and whether you would like to have video conferences, you can get an external web camera. offers information and reviews on a variety of models.



Device Cleaning

LITS highly recommends regular and thorough disinfecting of your devices. For some general cleaning guidelines, see The most important steps are:

  • Unplugging and completely turning off you’re your devices before cleaning
  • Being careful not to get moisture in the ports by soaking or directly spraying devices
  • Using a microfiber cloth and the appropriate type of non-abrasive cleaner
  • Checking manufacturer websites for more detailed and device/brand specific cleaning guidelines if it’s available


Questions? Contact the Help Desk!

Please reach out to the or 610-526-7440 if you have any questions or would like a consultation before transitioning to remote work.

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