Panopto: Quizzing

Posted July 21st, 2020 at 2:41 pm.

Panopto enables video Creators to add quiz questions at any point in a video. (Note that quizzes can only be taken by users who are signed in to Panopto through our Bryn Mawr College account. Learn more about getting a Panopto Account).

Adding a quiz in Panopto can be an effective way to engage viewers and create check points for assessment throughout video content. Types of quiz questions that Panopto supports include: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and Fill In the Blank.

Panopto Quiz

Additionally, quiz results can be viewed in the video settings, where you can see a results summary by user and download full results as a .csv file.

Our latest Moodle version now allows Panopto in-video quiz results to be tied to a grade in the Moodle gradebook. See our Tech Doc on the Panopto Quiz Activity to set up this integration.

To learn more about quizzing in Panopto, please see documentation including images and videos, at Panopto’s Support site on How to Add a Quiz to a Video.

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