How to Find Fall 2020 Courses in Moodle

Posted July 23rd, 2020 at 11:36 am.

Some instructors may be making Moodle sites for fall 2020 courses guest-accessible in order to help with virtual shopping. Here’s how to find a course you are not enrolled in.

  1. Go to (Fall 2020 courses are on a new Moodle site! The URL for this site will change to on Aug 18 after summer courses are complete.)
  2. Click on Login, then click the Bryn Mawr or Haverford button and log-in using your college credentials.
  3. There are two ways to find courses on the new Moodle site:
    • Option A: Click on the search icon Moodle search icon┬áin the top menu bar and type keywords or the course subject (e.g., ANTH, BIOL, etc).
    • Option B: Go to the Course Categories block, click on Academics > 2020-2021 > Fall and click on a course subject (e.g., ANTH, BIOL) to see courses in that area.
  4. You will be able to see the titles of all courses being taught this semester, but if you click on the titles, you will only be able enter courses that:
    • You are enrolled in OR
    • Have guest access enabled — look foropen padlock icon(open padlock icon) in the course listing
    • Have guest access with a pass code enabled — look for key icon(key icon) in the course listing; if you don’t have a pass code, ask the instructor for one.
  5. Click on the i (information icon) in the course listing to see the name of the instructor.

If guest access is not enabled for a course you’d like to know more about, please contact the instructor(s). If Moodle lists a course as guest-accessible, but you can’t get in when you click on the title, please email and tell us the name of the course so we can troubleshoot.

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