Scheduling Zoom Meetings with the Moodle Zoom Activity

Posted August 6th, 2020 at 11:10 am.

LITS has created a Zoom activity to make it easier you for instructors to schedule and manage course Zoom meetings from within Moodle.

To add use this activity:

  1. Log into your course and Turn editing on if it isn’t already.

  1. Click + Add an activity or resource where you want to place the Zoom activity (we suggest the top section).

  1. Choose Zoom and click Add.

  1. Give the activity a name, such as “Zoom Meetings” and click Save and display.
  2. You will see an embedded Zoom window, as shown below.
    • Click Schedule a New Meeting to add meetings for your course.
    • The Upcoming Meetings tab shows your future meetings.
      • Click the Start button (next scheduled meeting only) to launch a meeting.
      • Click Delete to delete the meeting entirely.
      • If you need to reschedule the meeting or change settings, click on the meeting name.

Screen shot of Zoom activity in Moodle

To access this menu in the future, log into your course and click on the Zoom activity.

About Course Zoom Meetings

Once you’ve added the Zoom activity to a course:

  • Any Zoom meeting scheduled through the Zoom activity in a course will be associated with the course, regardless of which Teacher schedules it.
  • The person who schedules the meeting  and any participant designated as a host will see a start button when they log in (only for the next meeting in a recurring set).
  • When other course participants click on the Zoom activity, they will see all Zoom meetings created for the course, but they will see a Join button, as shown below.

Screen shot of student's view of Zoom activity

  • Course meetings will be automatically be added to all course participants’ Moodle calendars.
  • Any Zoom meetings you set up through a Zoom activity in Moodle will also show up on the participants’ Upcoming or Previous Meetings lists in all Zoom platforms, including:
    • The web interface (
    • The Zoom desktop app
    • The Zoom mobile app
  • You can start, join and edit course meetings in all of these places, just you would any other Zoom meeting.
  • Important note: Starting Sept. 27, Zoom will require that all meetings have a passcode or the waiting room enabled. These are enabled by default on BMC’s licenses. If you disable one, be sure to leave the other enabled so you can continue to access the meetings after September 27. 

Coming Soon: Panopto Integration

LITS has also connected Zoom with Panopto, and any Zoom cloud recordings you make are now automatically uploaded into Panopto and shared with participants in the call.

  • Currently Zoom recordings are placed in the recording host’s personal Panopto folder (i.,e., your My folder).
  • Once the new Moodle site is connected to Panopto, the cloud recordings for meetings scheduled through a Zoom activity in Moodle will be uploaded to the course folder in Panopto (in the meantime, learn how to move your recordings from your My Folder to a course folder).
  • Panopto is a more secure and better long-term storage solution for Zoom recordings.
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