Recording a narrated presentation using PowerPoint (for PC users)

Posted August 21st, 2020 at 7:50 am.

PowerPoint versions 2010 and later for PC support recording a voice-over narration and saving as a video file to share on the web. Please note that Mac PowerPoint versions 2011 and later will allow you to record voice-over; however, saving as a video is not enabled in most Mac versions. For this reason, we recommend that Mac users create narrated presentations using QuickTime on Mac.

Follow the steps below to create a voice-over narration on the Office 365 PowerPoint application on your PC (note that recording in PowerPoint O365 on the web is not enabled)*:

  1. When ready to record, click the Slideshow tab in the PowerPoint menu at the top. Then, click the Record a Slideshow button. You will see a drop-down to start recording from current slide or from the beginning. Choose the option for where in your slideshow you’d like to start recording.
  2. When you choose the option to start recording, you will be brought into presenter view, with the option to push the round red button in the top left to start recording. PowerPoint will count down from 3 before it begins recording. To stop or pause the recording, use the buttons in the top left next to the red record button.
  3. After you start recording, you will be able to access various features to include in your presentation at the bottom right, such as turning on and off video camera and audio if needed. In the bottom center, you will be able to control features to annotate your presentation, including a pen and a laser pointer.
  4. Once you are finished recording, you’ll notice sound icons on each slide that have narration. You can play back your narration by pushing the play button under these icons, or by navigating back to the SlideShow tab and choosing the button to play your presentation “From Beginning.”
  5. If you need to edit your narration, you can simply delete the sound icon on each slide, and then from the Record a Slideshow button at the top, select start recording “from current slide.” You can also clear the contents of one slide or all slides using the Clear option also in the Record a Slideshow button.
  6. When ready to save your narration, you have the option to save as a PowerPoint file (.pptx) or a video file (.mp4 for versions 2013 and later). Saving as a video provides the option to upload to other platforms that support video, such as Panopto, Moodle, and OneDrive.
  7. To save as video, navigate to File > Export > Create a video. You can choose the screen quality for your video (medium, or 1280 x 720 works well for viewing on most laptop/computer monitors). Also, make sure that “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” is selected. Then, click Create Video. Depending on how much media is included in your presentation, or how long it is, it will take some time to convert to video.

*To record on the following versions of PowerPoint, please see Microsoft’s in-depth documentation and choose the version you need:

PowerPoint 2010 for Windows
PowerPoint 2013-2019 for Windows
PowerPoint for macOS

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