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Schedule Zoom Meetings with the Outlook/Webmail Add-In

This article explains how to schedule Zoom meetings using the Zoom add-in for Outlook/Office365. Using this add-in is optional, you only need it if you want to create Zoom meetings from within your Outlook/Webmail calendar. Note that the process for adding the Zoom Outlook/Office365 add-in is different from the plug-in. We caution the use of the plug-in, as it is not currently compatible with MacOS systems.

The instructions below assume that you have already:

Schedule a Zoom Meetings in Webmail/Outlook

  1. Create a New Event (or New Meeting or Appointment in Outlook desktop), and add your title, attendees, and time and date as you would normally.
  2. Click on the Zoom icon in the top menu bar (the webmail version is shown below) and choose Add a Zoom Meeting.
  3. If you see a prompt saying Zoom wishes to open a new window:
    • Click Allow.
    • Click Log in with SSO.
    • Enter brynmawr-edu as the domain name.
    • Log in with your Bryn Mawr college username and password.
  4. Zoom will schedule a meeting for the date and time you indicated, and post the log-in information into the Event Description window.
  5. Click Send to send the invite and log-in information to your attendees.

Scheduling Tips

  • Scheduling a meeting for someone else? They need to give you scheduling privileges in Zoom and Outlook. See Zoom’s Guide for Executive Assistants for details.
  • Zoom automatically applies the My Meeting Settings from your Zoom profile to new meetings.
    • Adjust the settings for an individual meeting at any time prior to start using the Settings option in the Zoom menu (shown above) or in  Zoom.
    • To safeguard against “Zoom-bombing attacks,” LITS recommends keeping both the waiting room and passcode protection of every meeting. Please note that Zoom requires you to keep at least one of them on, see Security and Zoom for more information.

Next Steps

Panopto Overview

Panopto, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture system, enables instructors to quickly record classes or lectures and post the recordings for students to review. Not only that, but Panopto also offers features that help make the recordings more interactive as well (e.g. creating quizzes or PDFs to insert). To begin, instructors can simply log in to Panopto via Desktop app or online Platform on a computer to start and stop the recording, and Panopto does the rest. Panopto can simultaneously record a screencast (e.g., of slides presented on computer and/or projected during a talk), audio, and (optionally) video. If a recording has a screencast and video they appear side-by-side in the view window.

To learn more about Panopto’s features, check out Panopto’s Support Page.

Where to record:

  • Many lecture-style classrooms are equipped to record Panopto. To find one, go to the Technology Enhanced Classrooms webpage, find your building, and look for “lecture capture” in the listing.
  • With sufficient notice (at least 2 business days), Multimedia Services can set up other classrooms for recording. Request this when you reserve the room under “A/V Notes” on the Details tab in Virtual EMS, or contact Multimedia directly.
  • You can also record from any computer with a high-speed internet connection, webcam, and microphone.

Help for recorders:

Help for viewers:

Additional support resources and documentation for Panopto are available online, with access to video tutorials as well.

WeVideo: Creating Your Account

WeVideo is an online, subscription-based cloud-based video-editing platform. Bryn Mawr College has an institutional subscription that allows current Bryn Mawr students, faculty and staff to have accounts. Haverford and Swarthmore students enrolled in Bryn Mawr courses are also eligible for accounts while enrolled at Bryn Mawr.    

If you are a Bryn Mawr College student, faculty, or staff member or a Swarthmore student enrolled in a Bryn Mawr course: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Click the Log in with Office 365 button.  
  3. Log in using your BMC email address and password. 

If you are a Haverford student enrolled in a Bryn Mawr course: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Click the Log in with Google button.  
  3. Log in using your Haverford email address and password.

When you have an account on Bryn Mawr’s license, you should have access to Premium features like an Essentials Library of video and audio clips and the ability to preview video projects full-screen. If you see any messages on the screen about upgrading to a Premium account, it means you have a free account but are not on Bryn Mawr’s license. Please email and let us know that you have a free WeVideo account that needs to be converted to a Bryn Mawr account and we will send you instructions for how to do this.