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Apporto: Remotely Connect to a Virtual Lab Computer

Posted May 24, 2021

Before you start, you will need access to the following: a device with internet access Table of Contents: What is Apporto? Connecting to a Virtual Lab Computer FAQ Questions?   What is Apporto? Try LabStats first! Use Apporto if your device doesn’t support RDP* or if no computers are available via LabStats. *i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc. […]

LabStats: Remotely Connect to a Lab Computer

Posted May 24, 2021

Before you start, you will need access to the following: a laptop or desktop computer with internet access your Duo-enrolled device for two-step authentication MacOS: the Microsoft Remote Desktop application Chromebook*: the Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 app *Follow the instructions for Windows below Haverford students: Install and connect to Haverford’s VPN* *only required when not connected […]

Backing Up: Why, Where, and How

Posted May 14, 2021

Table of Contents: Why do I need to back up? Where can I store my backup? How do I back up? Questions?   Why do I need to back up? Backups are critical to the integrity of your data, and ensure you’ll never lose valuable files in the event of a device failure. 3-2-1: ensures your backup […]

Graduating Students – Account Access

Posted April 14, 2021

When a student graduates, access to a variety of College accounts and online services changes. Please be mindful of the following timelines when moving data and setting up post-graduation accounts. Office 365: Email and OneDrive Ninety (90) days after you graduate, you will lose access to your college Office 365, email and OneDrive account. If […]

File Size Basics

Posted April 6, 2021

The terms kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte have become household names, but how much data do these terms really represent? It can be very helpful to understand how large various types of files are when considering storage limitations of Hard Disk Drives, USB flash drives, email attachment sizes, or when using a cloud-storage tool such […]

Computer Model Selections

Posted March 24, 2021

If you are looking for guidance in purchasing a personal computer to bring to College with you, see  What to Bring to College: Technology Edition. This listing is for selecting or purchasing College computers (including with Grant and Research Funds).  It is updated each spring (last updated March, 2021).  Please note that all newly purchased […]

Library due dates for Spring 2021

Posted February 8, 2021

For the Spring 2021 semester, the Libraries will continue to assign simplified due dates as follows: TriCo Library books borrowed by students will be due May 22, 2021. TriCo Library books borrowed in the fall may be renewed until May 22, 2021. TriCo book due dates for faculty will not change. DVDs and multimedia equipment […]

Two-Step: Methods of Authentication

Posted October 29, 2020

There are many different ways you can authenticate with Duo, learn about them here and choose which is the best for you. Before you start, you may want to check out: Two-Step: Getting started with Duo Technology Tips for International Travel   Methods Available Push Notifications (via Duo Mobile) Best Overall The best balance between […]

Library Seat Reservations

Posted September 14, 2020

Reserving a Seat BiCo students, faculty and staff may reserve a socially distanced seat in Canaday or Carpenter library. All library seats require reservations. Reserve a seat at Canaday Reserve a seat at Carpenter Use the Go to Date button to choose the date that you want to come to the library. Click Info next […]

Software Configurations for College Computers

Posted September 1, 2020

This article covers most of the configurations used for College computers and what software can be found on them. Last updated: September 1st, 2020 Note: This article uses collapsible sections, click on the arrows to expand/hide information.   Standard (newly imaged computers)   Windows 10 7-Zip Adobe Acrobat DC Adobe Flash Player ArtStor OIV Audacity […]

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