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How to Use Course Merge Helper in Moodle

Posted November 13, 2020
Merged Course Shell Button

Please note: To use the Course Merge Helper feature in Moodle, you must have the role of Teacher in each course you would like to include in the merged course. If you do not have a Teacher role, you can ask another Teacher in the course to give you that role, or EAST can merge […]

Troubleshoot Moodle Log-In Issues

Posted August 4, 2020

General Troubleshooting Steps If you are having difficulty logging in to Moodle, try the following: Make sure you are clicking the Bryn Mawr or Haverford button to log in, as shown in the image below. Students from other colleges (e.g., Swarthmore) enrolled in Bryn Mawr courses should use the Bryn Mawr option. Only use the […]

Enroll/Unenroll Participants in Moodle

Posted July 31, 2020
Moodle sidebar with Participants selected

If you have a Teacher role in a Moodle course, you can enroll other participants in it to give them access. The role you give them determines what they can do in the course. See Which Role Should I Use? below for a list of roles and what they are permitted to do. Prefer video? […]

Browse Moodle Courses During Registration

Posted July 23, 2020
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Guest access will be enabled for the current semester’s academic courses during pre-registration and registration to help faculty share course information with students who have not yet enrolled. To browse for courses: Scroll down to the Course Categories block on your Dashboard. Click Academics, then find the category for the current semester and choose a […]

Courses Not Showing Up on Moodle

Posted September 10, 2019

Academic Courses Academic courses are created in Bionic, and data from Bionic about new courses is periodically uploaded to Moodle to create new course sites. If you aren’t seeing an academic course, please use the following troubleshooting steps to narrow down the problem: Be sure you are looking on the right Moodle site. Each of […]

Guest Access to Moodle Courses

Posted June 8, 2019
Screenshot with Participants Link

Guest access is the mechanism for allowing people who are not enrolled in a Moodle course the ability to see what is posted in that course. For academic courses, the College recommends: Enabling guest access during pre-registration and shopping periods so that interested students can view the syllabus and get a sense of readings and […]