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Add the NameCoach Activity to Your Moodle Course

Posted April 6, 2021
Turn Editing On

The NameCoach activity allows participants in a course to record the pronunciation of their name for other participants to hear, helping both teachers and students learn each other’s names quickly. Add the NameCoach Activity to a Course You must have a Teacher role to set up the NameCoach activity.  Log into your course and Turn Editing […]

Share Large Files in OneDrive and Link on Moodle

Posted September 9, 2020

Whether you’d like to share a film clip, an outside link, or upload a class recording, there are several ways to add/share video on Moodle. In this Tech Doc, you’ll find the most-common ways to share video on Moodle based on where the video is originally stored/hosted. The first step to sharing video stored on […]


Posted August 17, 2020
Screenshot of Perusall home screen

What is Perusall? Perusall is a website that allows for collaborative annotation of readings. You and your students can highlight passages, bookmark it, ask and answer questions, post comments, and upvote them. You can upload your own readings to Perusall or choose a textbook (which your students might have to pay for). Perusall is designed […]

Creating a Moodle Quiz

Posted June 8, 2019

The Quiz is a great assessment tool provided by Moodle that can be used to test and evaluate students online. All of the results and grades will be recorded automatically into the course Gradebook, making it a very easy and versatile activity to use. Creating a Quiz On your Moodle course page, make sure you have […]