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View Data Moodle Has Collected About You

Posted October 11, 2018

In addition to any content you submit to Moodle sites (such as papers, forum posts, or quiz answers) and grades or feedback that others give you on that content, Moodle also automatically generates and stores usage data as you interact with the site — that is, time-stamped logs of your activities, such as logging in and out of […]

Troubleshoot Moodle Login Issues

Posted August 27, 2018

Heard about Moodle, but not sure how to get in? No problem! Here is the URL to Moodle: Bryn Mawr Students: Use your email username and password to log in. Your username is just the first part of your email address. Using your whole email address will not work. Haverford students: Use your Haverford username and […]

Participate in a Moodle Workshop (for Students)

Posted December 5, 2017
Moodle screen shot

Have a class that’s using the Moodle Workshop for peer review? Here you’ll find all the steps for the Workshop explained, through the Workshop’s “phase box”. Setup phase: This is the phase where the workshop has been created, but your professor has not yet finished setting it up. There is nothing for you to do […]

Guide to Cleaning Up Moodle

Posted January 5, 2017

Cleaning up your Moodle courses? Please review the following guide in full before beginning.

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