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New: Use Collapsible Topics to Organize a Moodle Course

Posted August 19, 2020

In previous versions of Moodle, course content for all week or topic sections had to be displayed on the main page of the course. For large sites, this resulted in a “scroll of death” to get to sections and resources at the end. The new Collapsible Topics format helps by making all sections (except section […]


Posted August 17, 2020
Screenshot of Perusall home screen

What is Perusall? Perusall is a website that allows for collaborative annotation of readings. You and your students can highlight passages, bookmark it, ask and answer questions, post comments, and upvote them. You can upload your own readings to Perusall or choose a textbook (which your students might have to pay for). Perusall is designed […]

Creating Checklists on Moodle

Posted August 12, 2020

The Checklist activity on Moodle allows a teacher to create a checklist, to-do list or task list for students to work through. The teacher can monitor each student’s progress as students tick off each of the items in the list. Checklists can be helpful for students navigating course content independently or in a self-paced way. […]

Taking Attendance on Moodle

Posted August 12, 2020

To take attendance on Moodle, teachers will first need to create an attendance activity and to add sessions for each activity.* After you have completed this step, attendance can be taken for each session by going into the attendance activity, where a list of all sessions will appear. *This feature is available only on The […]

Setting up Attendance on Moodle

Posted August 10, 2020
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The Attendance activity* is designed for teachers to take attendance during or for class, and for students to be able to view their own attendance record. In addition, the activity can also be set up for students to mark their own attendance. *This feature is available only on The URL for this site will change to on Aug 18 […]

Copy Content from a Course on the Same Moodle Site

Posted August 7, 2020

There are two ways to copy content between courses on the same Moodle site: Import is best if you are copying all or most of a course or want to preserve course layout and formatting. Sharing Cart works best if you are only copying a few activities or resources at a time. If you need […]

Scheduling Course Meetings with the Moodle Zoom Activity

Posted August 6, 2020
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The Zoom activity in Moodle makes it easier to schedule and join Zoom meetings for a particular course: Course participants are automatically invited to any meetings scheduled through through the Zoom activity. Moodle also add course-level events to Moodle calendar for Zoom meetings that have a time and date. Participants can see and join meetings […]

Moodle Connections to External Platforms

Posted August 6, 2020

Like most Learning Management Systems (LMS), Moodle supports Learning Technology Interoperability (LTI) standards. LTI enables connections between Moodle and external educational technology platforms such as Zoom or Panopto. When a connection is made, Moodle can send the name and email address of course participants to identify them as permitted to access course-specific resources and/or link […]

Back Up a Moodle Site

Posted August 5, 2020

Under the terms of our Moodle Policies, LITS will guarantee that course content remains available to Teachers for at least two years. If you need to move course materials from an old Moodle site (such as to a new Moodle site, or you want archival copies of your courses for long-term storage, you can […]

Moodle Log-In Issues

Posted August 4, 2020

General Troubleshooting Steps If you are having difficulty logging in to Moodle, try the following: Make sure you are clicking the Bryn Mawr or Haverford button to log in, as shown in the image below. Students from other colleges (e.g., Swarthmore) enrolled in Bryn Mawr courses should use the Bryn Mawr option. Only use the […]

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