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Recording a Lecture or Talk in a Classroom

Posted January 5, 2022
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Panopto combines lecture-capture software with a video-streaming platform (like YouTube, but without the ads) to facilitate recording in-person classes or talks and sharing those recordings with others. Panopto can capture audio and video of a person lecturing and a screencast of what they project on the screen to an in-person audience. Recordings will be uploaded […]

Collecting Audiovisual Assignments using Panopto

Posted September 20, 2021

There are a few different methods for students to upload audio/video files to Panopto to submit a class assignment or project: Using Panopto’s Assignment Folder Giving Students Creator Access to a Panopto Course Folder Using a Moodle Assignment for Students to Link to their Panopto File Below, we will outline these different processes as well […]

Panopto: Editing Videos

Posted August 6, 2021
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Once you’ve recorded and uploaded a video on Panopto, you have the ability to edit your video track and apply the changes to the video. This document offers a basic introduction to editing. For more extensive video editing documentation in Panopto, please see How to Edit a Video and How to Trim a Video in […]

Upload Audio or Video Files to Panopto

Posted August 5, 2021

Introduction Panopto, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture platform, also functions as a streaming service. In addition to using Panopto to record lectures and presentations at home or in classrooms, you can also upload audio and video created or recorded elsewhere onto Panopto in order to share with others. Audio and video can only be uploaded onto […]

Recording Your Lecture: Outside The Classroom Or Off-Campus

Posted August 3, 2021
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With Panopto, Bryn Mawr College’s lecture capture software, you can record lectures and talks and share the recordings with students or others. Panopto is able to capture audio and video of a person lecturing while also creating a screencast of what is projected on your computer screen. Recordings can be automatically uploaded to Panopto’s servers and shared […]

Using Panopto: A Student Guide to Uploading and Recording Videos

Posted August 3, 2021
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Panopto, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture system, is available to Bryn Mawr College students and to Haverford students registered for Bryn Mawr courses. You can use Panopto to: View pre-recorded, narrated lectures and foster discussions around them. Record or upload a narrated presentation as a course assignment. To access the software, students can use Bryn Mawr’s […]

Captioning in Panopto

Posted April 1, 2021

Panopto is the College’s primary lecture capture and streaming audio/video hosting platform. There are several ways to add captions to recordings hosted in Panopto, and you can add multiple files in different languages to provide translated subtitles as well as same-language captions. Once captions are added, viewers will be able to turn them on during […]

Panopto: Using the Panopto Quiz Activity to Connect Panopto Quizzes to the Moodle Gradebook

Posted January 29, 2021
Panopto Quiz Activity

With a new activity in Moodle called Panopto Quiz, you can now connect in-video quizzes you’ve created in Panopto to report grades to the Moodle gradebook. To do this, you’ll need to have already created the quiz in the Panopto video and make sure the finished video is connected to your course in Moodle. You […]

Using Zoom to “Mirror” an iPad in a Classroom

Posted October 23, 2020

If you are using a iOS or Android tablet to write on screen during a lecture, you may want to “mirror” it to a laptop or the podium computer to project overhead and record what you are projecting using Panopto. However, can be difficult to “mirror” in a classroom: wifi connections using AirPlay or AirServer […]

Multiple Cameras in Panopto

Posted August 4, 2020

Panopto allows and supplement or replace the video from a computer’s built-in webcam or room camera with video from an external camera attached to your computer. For example, instructors might add a video from a document camera, or a DIY equivalent such as a webcam on a flexible tripod, to capture video of themselves writing […]

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