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Encrypting Emails in Office365

Posted October 8, 2021
illustration of how to use the subject line to encrypt a message

This article reviews how to encrypt emails in Office365. Looking to encrypt an external drive? Check out our Encrypting External Storage Drives tech doc.   When & Why Encryption is required if you must send emails containing financial or personal information (i.e. credit card or Social Security numbers). Why encrypt? Encryption ensures that, if the email […]

Create Accessible E-Mails in Outlook

Posted August 27, 2021

Following the guidelines below helps ensure that all recipients will be able to read e-mails you send. For information on features that can make it easier for you to read and write e-mail when using Outlook, please see Accessibility Features in Outlook. Add Alt Text to Images Add Meaningful Hyperlinks Use Accessible Font Formatting Avoid […]

Accessibility Features in Microsoft Teams

Posted August 5, 2021
Screenshot of More options menu with Turn on live captions option from a desktop.

Table of Contents: Use Live Captions Reduce Background Noise Use the Immersive Reader Use Keyboard Shortcuts Translate Messages Use Default, Dark, and High Contrast Themes Visit the Microsoft website for a comprehensive list of the the accessibility features available in Teams. Use Live Captions Live captions make Teams meetings more inclusive for participants who are […]

Sharing Files Securely Using OneDrive

Posted July 26, 2021

OneDrive provides an easy way to share files and folders with others: Create a “share link” for a file or folder. Email or paste the link into a web page, shared document, Moodle course, chat, etc. Other people click that link to access the file or folder. By default, settings for share links are not […]

Email & Calendar: Mobile Devices

Posted July 20, 2021

Before you start, you will need access to the following: a College account a smartphone or tablet with internet access your Duo two-factor authentication device(s) the Outlook app (iOS, Android) LITS highly recommends using the Outlook Mobile app.   Connection Instructions iOS & iPadOS Outlook Mobile app iOS Mail app Android Outlook Mobile app Samsung […]

Office 365 Overview

Posted July 15, 2021

Before you start, you may need access to the following: a Bryn Mawr College account a laptop or desktop with internet access Note: Use of Office 365 apps falls under Bryn Mawr College’s Acceptable Use and Data Handling policies. Table of Contents: What is Office 365? Commonly Used Applications Other Applications and Resources Questions?   […]

Microsoft Office: Personal Devices

Posted July 15, 2021

The following article applies to personal devices. For Public/Lab computers, see Microsoft Office: Public/Lab Computers. Before you start, you will need access to the following: a Bryn Mawr College account a personal laptop or desktop computer with internet access Table of Contents: Office365: Overview Installing Microsoft Office Questions?   Office365: Overview You can install Microsoft Office […]

Graduating Students – Account Access

Posted April 14, 2021

When a student graduates, access to a variety of College accounts and online services changes. Please be mindful of the following timelines when moving data and setting up post-graduation accounts. Office 365: Email and OneDrive Ninety (90) days after you graduate, you will lose access to your college Office 365, email and OneDrive account. If […]

Guide to Cleaning Your Inbox of Sensitive Data

Posted April 5, 2021

Cleaning your inbox of sensitive data? Please review the following guide in full before beginning.

Calendly for Scheduling Appointments

Posted February 12, 2021

Table of Contents: What is Calendly? Account Types & Setup Integrations and Settings Questions?   What is Calendly? Calendly is an online calendar system that integrates with your personal calendar and other web conferencing tools to allow people to schedule appointment times with you on days/times that you set as available. Although LITS does not […]

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