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Using Your College Calendar

Need to set up a meeting with your professor? Want to set up an appointment with a coworker, but not sure when they are available? Use your Calendar in Office 365 to set up an appointment!

The Calendar lets you schedule appointments, make the meeting private or public, and set up a time when all attendees are available. It also lets you set up a repeating event, which is perfect if you have to meet with a professor every week, or meet with your boss at the end of every month.

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The Basics

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Additional Features

Set Working Days & Hours

Use the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to adjust your Calendar settings.

illustration of where to find calendar settings

In Calendar appearance, you can set your working days and hours.

illustration of setting working days and hours

Categories & Color-coding

If you have multiple calendars displaying at once, it may be helpful to color-code them. Under My calendars on the left, right-click on the calendar and choose Color from the menu.

illustration of how to color-code multiple calendars

You can also color-code individual appointments using Categories. Right-click on an appointment to Categorize. Click Manage Categories to add a new category with a custom name and color.

illustration of how to color-code individual appointments

Adding the College Calendar for College Holidays

The College Calendar lists holidays when the College is closed. To add it to your calendars in Office 365:

  1. Go to the Calendar
  2. Click “Add Calendar”
  3. Select “From Internet”
  4. Paste in the address:

The holidays will now appear when you select this calendar.

Delete Copied Calendars From 365

The migration tool we used to move from Zimbra to 365 is excellent, but it only knows how to make copies of things. So if you have subscribed to public calendars from internet sources, such as event calendars, country/state holiday calendars, religious holiday calendars, sporting event calendars, etc., it will have made copies of those instead of subscribing you again. This means that the calendar may not include all future dates (because it’s a copy, not a subscription that’s being updated), and may otherwise not behave as expected.

To delete the copy, right click on the calendar and click “delete”.

illustration of deleting a calendar

To add a new version, click “Add Calendar” and select the appropriate source.

illustration of adding a calendar

365 provides many country and religious holiday calendars under “Holiday Calendar” if you wish to add these.

illustration of holiday calendars

Use the “From Internet” option to add calendars from other online sources, such as the Bryn Mawr Athletics site . Look for “iCalendar” or “iCal” feed and copy the address.

illustration of adding calendars from other online sources

Scheduling Recurring Meetings

Please note that if you schedule a room for a recurring meeting, you will be limited to three years (as opposed to unlimited) recurrences.

Find more help with the Web Client

Advanced Query Search in the Outlook Web App

Need to fine tune your Office 365 Outlook Web App searches? Use Advanced Query Search keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for in Mail and Calendar. This document explains how to use AQS and contains a list of some of the most common AQS keywords.

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Filename: advanced_query_search_terms.pdf
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