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Using Tasks in Office 365

Accessible from the Office 365 app launcher, the Tasks app allows you to create & maintain a list of tasks so you can organize your time as efficiently as possible. In addition to tasks you create manually, a task is created automatically when you flag an email, which can be very helpful if you flag your messages to remind yourself of work that needs to be done.

Learn all about Tasks with Microsoft’s Tasks overview.

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Task and Contact Sharing

Office 365 allows sharing and options for tasks and contacts.

Most task and contact sharing will require setting up and using the Outlook Client. However, once set up, sharing and delegation can be used from the Outlook Web App. Although the initial setup is a bit more complicated than you may be used to, the result is powerful.

These documents are meant to get you started. If you need assistance, please request an appointment to consult with a technician or a member of our education team. We can take you through the options and advise what may work best for you.


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Outlook 2016 for Windows

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