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Zooming in Less-Than-Ideal Circumstances

Posted July 10, 2020

It’s often not possible to Zoom from a quiet place or on a flawless Internet connections. Internet Bandwidth and Data Limit Issues Things individuals can do: If you are on a wifi connection, try moving closer to the wifi router. Plug directly into your router if possible. Turn off other applications and devices that are […]


Posted April 22, 2020

Captioning involves converting the audio content of an event (e.g., lecture, webinar or performance) to text that is displayed and synchronized with visual content. For a live, in-person event, captions are often displayed on a large screen near the podium or stage. For an online event, captions are displayed at the bottom of the window […]

Security and Zoom

Posted April 6, 2020

As the most popular web-conferencing solution on the market (some industry analyses estimate it has almost double the market share of competitors like Go To Meeting), Zoom has become a target for online trolling attacks. Zoom is also facing several investigations and lawsuits about the transparency and security of its practices for sharing data with […]

Audience Participation in Zoom: Chat, Reactions, Polling

Posted April 3, 2020
Reactions menu

Audience participation in small meetings is relatively straightforward, as participants can unmute themselves to speak. However, even in small online meetings, some participants may find it hard to speak. Things that are challenging in person — such as determining when a sufficiently long pause has elapsed and it’s socially acceptable for the next person to […]

Install the Zoom Add-In for Webmail/Outlook

Posted April 3, 2020
Screen shot of Zoom add-in in webmail

Adding the Zoom for Outlook add-in to Webmail or the Outlook desktop app enables you to schedule Zoom meetings from within those applications, just as you can with Teams and Skype for Business. If you use both Webmail and the Outlook desktop app, adding the add-in to one will also install it on the other. […]

Schedule Zoom Meetings with the Outlook/Webmail Add-In

Posted April 3, 2020

This article explains how to schedule Zoom meetings using the Zoom add-in for Outlook/Office365. Using this add-in is optional, you only need it if you want to create Zoom meetings from within your Outlook/Webmail calendar. Note that the process for adding the Zoom Outlook/Office365 add-in is different from the plug-in. We caution the use of the […]

Participate in a Zoom Meeting

Posted April 3, 2020

You will need a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device with Internet access. For the best experience, use headphones to cancel out ambient noise and avoid audio echos. If you want to share video and your device does not have a built-in camera, you will need a webcam.  Zoom has video tutorials and live training […]

Get/Log Into a BMC Zoom Account

Posted April 3, 2020

Zoom is a purpose-built web-conferencing tool. It has features that make it easier to run large collaborative meetings: a fully collaborative whiteboard, polling, and breakout rooms. Personal vs. BMC Zoom Accounts Set Up your BMC Zoom Account Log into your BMC Zoom Account in a Web Browser Log into your BMC Account through the Zoom […]

Which Web-Conferencing Tool Should I Use?

Posted April 1, 2020

Bryn Mawr College has site licenses for three tools you can use to host online meetings: Zoom, Teams, and Skype for Business. All three allow you to schedule, host and record web meetings, in which BMC and non-BMC attendees can share audio, video, screens and a chat window. Below is a comparison of their strengths […]

Host Zoom Meetings

Posted April 1, 2020

This article explains how to use the Zoom meeting as a host to admit participants, view non-verbal reactions and raised hands, and control what participants can do. Prefer video? Watch Zoom’s Meeting Controls Overview. Contents: Before You Begin … Hosts, Co-Hosts and Alternative Hosts Start the Meeting Admit Participants Present Manage the Meeting Before You […]

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