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FontAwesome for WordPress

Posted January 26, 2021

FontAwesome for WordPress allows you to insert FontAwsome icons into your page or post either by using shortcode or HTML. Choose the icon you want from the FontAwesome icon gallery . All free icons are supported. Please note that pro icons are not supported at this time. Shortcode Examples: You can insert the cog icon […]

Web Content and Writing Style Guide

Posted October 17, 2016

The Web Content and Style Guide is produced by Bryn Mawr Communications. Contact with questions.

Privacy settings for your blog

Posted September 22, 2016

Blogs in are public by default, but there are options to make your blog less visible while your work is in progress, or to make a blog with restricted access. To change your blog’s privacy settings, go to the Dashboard. Go to Settings->Reading Then scroll down to “Site Visibility.” The options, from most public […]

LITS support for student organizations

Posted February 3, 2016

Need resources to communicate with your student organization? Preserve your organization’s history? LITS is here for you. Need assistance with setting up or using these resources? Contact Communication resources: : Great for building a website or blog, public or just for your group. Examples: It’s free Customize the look and […]

Alumnae/i Bulletin Blog documentation

Posted July 6, 2015

Note: This documentation applies only to the Alumnae/i Bulletin blog theme. Creating a new issue homepage: Create a new page with the name of the issue, e.g. “June 2012” Page parent= Issue Archive (so the issue becomes part of the archive) Page template= Landing Page slug= month-year, e.g. june-2012 (all lowercase). This should get created […]

Web Forms (Wufoo)

Posted October 23, 2013

Which form solution is right for me? Consult the College protocol for online forms and surveys and talk with LITS to determine the correct choice. Several form services are in use and supported across campus. LITS can help with: Wufoo – used for most online forms, such as simple web forms or surveys. Formsite- used for […]

Customizing your Alumnae/i Class or Club site

Posted September 18, 2013
Theme options

The new Bryn Mawr Alumnae/i Class/Club theme offers some options for customizing your site’s appearance. Go to Appearance->Theme Options to change your color scheme, link color, and layout. Go to Appearance->Background to change your background color or upload a background image.

File Names for Web Pages and Blogs: Best Practices

Posted May 6, 2013

It’s best to be consistent and keep things simple when naming files for your website. You may need more complex naming conventions and multiple versions of files on your hard drive or shared drive, but simplifying file names for the web decreases the risk that your links will break or that some people will have […]

Bryn Mawr WordPress theme documentation

Posted January 9, 2013
Contact Us info box option in settings menu

The Bryn Mawr WordPress theme is available upon request for blogs that require Bryn Mawr branding. If you would like to request this theme, please contact and include the address of your blog if it has been created. For the most part, the Bryn Mawr WordPress theme works like any other WordPress theme, and […]

Updating Your Alumnae Club Blog

Posted January 3, 2013

1. Log in to your club blog. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact or call the Help Desk at 610-526-7440 Once logged in, you should see the Dashboard with the name of your club at the top like this: If you just need to update your contact information, click on Posts […]

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