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Taking Online Quizzes and Exams in Moodle

If taking tests is stressful, taking online can be even more so! This article explains how the Quiz activity in Moodle works and some best practices that instructors and students can adopt to ensure the smoothest experience. We’re going to use the word Quiz below, since that is the term Moodle uses, but the content […]

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How to Save a File as a PDF

Many platforms and people will prefer or even require you to submit files as PDFs. This is because the PDF, or Portable Document Format, file format was designed to ensure that fonts and formatting look the same even when viewed on different types of devices. Most software packages allow you to save or export files […]

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Zoom-Panopto Integration

Meeting Recordings

With our Zoom-Panopto integration, the recording of any Zoom meeting you host and record to the cloud will be placed into Panopto automatically into your Meeting Recordings folder, which is a sub-folder of your My Folder in Panopto (note: you can also now schedule Zoom meetings through Moodle using the Moodle-Zoom activity). If your meeting […]

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Library Seat Reservations

Reserving a Seat BiCo students, faculty and staff may reserve a socially distanced seat in Canaday or Carpenter library. All library seats require reservations. Reserve a seat at Canaday Use the Go to Date button to choose the date that you want to come to the library. Click Info next to any seat to see […]

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Panopto: Editing Videos

Once you’ve recorded or uploaded a video on Panopto, you have the ability to edit your video track and apply the changes to the video right on Panopto. To do this: Underneath your video, click the Edit button to bring up the video editor. Once the video editor is open, you will see the timeline […]

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Sharing large files to OneDrive and linking on Moodle

Whether you’d like to share a film clip, an outside link, or upload a class recording, there are several ways to add/share video on Moodle. In this Tech Doc, you’ll find the most-common ways to share video on Moodle based on where the video is originally stored/hosted. The first step to sharing video stored on […]

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Scan Papers Using a Smartphone App

Particularly during remote teaching and learning, it is common for faculty and students to share a scanned version of a document or assignment for which they have a hard copy (e.g. notes, equations, handwritten work, etc.). Office Lens offers a secure way to scan and share files while also saving your files to the cloud […]

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Apporto: Remotely Connect to a Virtual Lab Computer

Before you start, you will need access to the following: a device with internet access Table of Contents: What is Apporto? Connecting to a Virtual Lab Computer FAQ Questions?   What is Apporto? Try LabStats first! Use Apporto if your device doesn’t support RDP* or if no computers are available via LabStats. *i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc. […]

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Software Configurations for College Computers

This article covers most of the configurations used for College computers and what software can be found on them. Last updated: September 1st, 2020 Note: This article uses collapsible sections, click on the arrows to expand/hide information.   Standard (newly imaged computers)   Windows 10 7-Zip Adobe Acrobat DC Adobe Flash Player ArtStor OIV Audacity […]

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Standard Software Configurations on College Computers

This article has been retired. Please see Software Configurations for College Computers for the most up-to-date information.   Questions? If you have any additional questions or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk! Phone: 610-526-7440 Email: Location: Canaday Library 1st Floor

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