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Getting Started with Duo

Enrolling Once you get a Duo enrollment email, you will be able to follow the link in the email to start the enrollment process. If you do not get a chance to enroll before the deadline, LITS will automatically enable Duo for your account. If LITS enables Duo for you, you will be able to […]

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Preparing Images for the Web in Adobe Photoshop

Before uploading your images to Drupal, it’s important to correctly crop, size, and optimize them to ensure they will display correctly and be accessible. The instructions below are for performing those tasks within Adobe Photoshop. Insert the desired image into Photoshop There are two ways to insert images into Photoshop. Method 1: Click on File […]

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Announcements in Drupal

Announcements are items that can be submitted to the Daily Digest e-newsletter via a form. Announcements can appear up to twice in the e-newsletter. They include a headline, information of up to 200 characters, and an optional link to a website for more information. Creating an Announcement: Drupal Users: Content->Add Content->Annonuncement and fill out the […]

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Voicemail: Recording and Changing Primary and Conditional Greetings

Record a Primary greeting and one or more optional Conditional greetings. Conditional greetings are what callers will hear when the line is busy (e.g., “I’m currently on the phone and unable to take your call”), when you’re not there (e.g., “I’m currently away from my desk”), or for extended absences (“I will be away until October […]

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Phone System: Customizing Your Call Flow (Forwarding, Automated Call Routing)

Use your “Status” in the Bryn Mawr College phone system to communicate your availability to coworkers and to determine what happens to your phone calls when you’re on the phone, out of the office, etc. Set your Status using MiCollab desktop, mobile, or web app. Use this for: Call Forwarding Sending all calls to voicemail […]

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Voicemail: Checking Messages & User Guides

Voicemail icon

Checking Your Voicemail From your Bryn Mawr College phone Press the Voicemail key on your phone and log in using your passcode. Follow the prompts to check messages or manage your voicemail box. From off campus Dial 610-526-5555. Follow voice prompts to enter your mailbox number (usually your extension). Press *, then follow voice prompts […]

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Phone System Software, Mobile Apps, and Softphone

Softphone Toggle

The Bryn Mawr College phone system includes an optional app that you can use to interact with your Bryn Mawr College phone from a computer or mobile device.  The software options bring many benefits, particularly for travelers and those on-the-go. The app also allows you to enable a Softphone, which you can use to make […]

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Phone System Quick Reference Guides

Use these guides to get started with Bryn Mawr’s phones.  Questions?  Contact the Help Desk at or 610-526-7447.

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Day 1: Getting Started With Your New Phone

This document is intended for use as part of our transition to new Mitel phones circa June 11, 2018.  

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Events in Drupal

anonymous user way to promote event form

“Events in Drupal” are advertisements of your event on the web site and also in the Daily Digest. Please note you will still need to book your room through the Conferences and Events department. Creating an Event: Drupal Users: Content->Add Content->Event. Non-Drupal Users: Navigate to and select “Promote Your Event” from the left hand […]

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