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Schedule Course Meetings with the Moodle Zoom Activity

Posted August 6, 2020
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The Zoom activity in Moodle makes it easier to for instructors and students to manage course-related Zoom meetings. When you schedule meetings with this activity: Zoom automatically invites all course participants to those meetings. Moodle creates calendar events for any Zoom meetings with a time and date with a link to start/join the meeting. Course […]

Collecting Audiovisual Assignments using Panopto

Posted January 13, 2020

Prefer video? Panopto has one on this topic. An Assignment folder is a special sub-folder of a shared folder that gives Viewers permission to create and upload recordings. The Panopto Assignment Folder gives instructors an easy way to students to submit or share audio and video recordings for a course. These can be edited, polished […]