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Collecting Audiovisual Assignments using Panopto

There are a few different methods for students to upload audio/video files to Panopto to submit a class assignment or project:

  1. Using Panopto’s Assignment Folder
  2. Giving Students Creator Access to a Panopto Course Folder
  3. Using a Moodle Assignment for Students to Link to their Panopto File

Below, we will outline these different processes as well as the pros and cons as to choosing one method over another.

1. Using Panopto’s Assignment Folder

(Prefer video? Panopto has one on this topic)

An Assignment folder is a special sub-folder of a shared folder that gives Viewers permission to create and upload recordings. The Panopto Assignment Folder gives instructors an easy way for students to submit or share audio and video recordings for a course. These can be edited, polished podcasts or videos that they create with other tools and upload to Panopto or video or audio presentations they record with Panopto itself.

You can only have one Assignment folder active at a time. If your course includes multiple audiovisual assignments, you can EITHER

  • Create a single Assignments folder and instruct students on how to name their recordings so you know which assignment they belong to
  • Close each assignment folder when students no longer need to submit or see videos and create a new one for the next assignment.
Setting Up an Assignment Folder
  1. Log in to Panopto
  2. Find your course folder and click the gear (Settings) button.
  3. On the Overview page, click Create Assignment folder.

  1. By default, the Assignment folder is titled with the Folder name and [assignments] as shown below; click on this name to edit the folder.

  1. To rename the folder, click Overview and type a new name in the Title field. You can also add a description with a recap of the assignment instructions, deadline information, etc.

    1. If you want students to be able to view each other’s videos, click Settings and check the Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions box. If you don’t want students comment on each other’s videos within Panopto, check Disable comments on all sessions in this folder.

Submitting and Viewing Recordings

Students can submit to recordings to this assignment folder by choosing it as the destination when they upload or create a video. For example, to record a video using Panopto Create (the browser-based recorder that doesn’t require you to download software) a student would:

  1. Log into Panopto.
  2. Click Create and choose an option. In this case, I’m choosing Panopto Capture, but I could also choose Record a new session to record from the desktop or Upload media to upload a video or audio file.

  1. To make sure the video goes to the right place, select the appropriate assignments folder for the location to save or upload it.

Teachers and students can view student submissions by browsing to the assignment folder within the course folder on Panopto, and starting the videos as they would normally.

Closing an Assignment Folder

When you are ready to stop collecting and viewing submissions:

  1. Navigate to the assignment folder and click the gear icon.
  2.  On the Overview tab, under Assignment folder, click Close.

Once you’ve closed an Assignment folder

  • Teachers/Creators will still be able to open it and view the videos, but Students/Viewers will no longer be able to submit or view it.
  • You will have the option to create a new Assignment folder.
Pros and Cons of this Method
  • Pros: Makes it easy for students to upload work for stand-alone assignments or projects. It can be set so that students can see/comment on each other’s work.
  • Cons: Only one assignment folder can be open at a time. The instructor must close one assignment folder in order to open another. Students lose access to the folder contents once an assignment folder is closed (instructor does not lose access to student submissions).

2. Giving Students Creator Access to a Panopto Course Folder

Anyone with a Teacher role in Moodle can give students Creator access to a Panopto course folder so that students are able to directly upload video/audio content into the Panopto folder for that course.

Giving Students Creator Access via the Panopto Block in Moodle
  1. Turn editing on in the Moodle course
  2. In the Panopto block, click the gear icon (settings) and choose “Configure Panopto block” from the dropdown
    Configure Panopto Block
  3. Under “Change Panopto role mappings,” in the block next to Creator, press Ctrl to select more than one option, and select Registered student

    Change Panopto Role Mappings
    4. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen

Students enrolled in the Moodle course should see the Panopto course folder when they log into Panopto and can upload video directly to it, or to subfolders within the course folder.

Pros and Cons of this Method
  • Pros: Makes it easy for students to upload directly to the course folder and any subfolders that the instructor creates for different projects/assignments throughout the semester. Folders also remain accessible while students still have access to the Moodle course.
  • Cons: Students will be able to see each other’s videos and will continue to have upload access to the course folder as long as they have access to the course in Moodle (instructor may want to change Creator rights to Viewer rights when the semester is over to prevent accidental uploads).

3. Using a Moodle Assignment for Students to Link to their Panopto File

As a Teacher, you can create an Assignment in Moodle where students can paste a link to their Panopto video. This avoids them having to upload the video to the Panopto course folder or to Moodle itself, as video uploads take up much storage space on Moodle. Students use the online text option in a Moodle assignment to paste a link to a Panopto video that they’ve added to their My Folder in Panopto.

Giving students access to link a Panopto file in a Moodle Assignment:
  1. Create an Assignment in Moodle (see Creating and Managing Assignments in Moodle)
  2. Under Submission Types, make sure “Online text” is selected. Deselect “File submissions” (unless you also would like them to submit a corresponding document (i.e. PDF, Word Doc) with this assignment. If that is the case, you can leave both boxes checked off.).
    Online Text
  3. When students submit their assignment, they will copy the Share link to their video/audio file in Panopto and paste it into the textbox in the Moodle assignment (see Sharing Recordings in Panopto).
  4. When the Teacher grades the assignment, they should be able to click on or copy/paste the link that the student provided, and this will take them to Panopto to view the video.Grading Assignment
Pros and Cons of this Method
  • Pros: Only the student submitting and the instructor will be able to view the video
  • Cons: The video will remain in the student’s personal folder and not in the course folder, unless it is requested to be moved by a Panopto admin.

Panopto Capture for Screen Recording

Panopto Capture is a completely browser-based screen capture system that allows users to capture audio, video, and entire screens or application windows. Panopto Capture works well on classroom Mac computers in lieu of the Panopto Recorder App (see Recording Your Lecture: In a Classroom).

To create a Panopto Capture video:

  1. Visit Bryn Mawr’s online Panopto platform
  2. Open the website and log in with your Bryn Mawr credentials (if you haven’t accessed Panopto previously, see Panopto: Get an Account).
  3. Click on the blue Create button and select Panopto Capture–Beta.
  4. Panopto Capture will open in a new browser window.
    Panopto Capture Window
  5. Click on the buttons for audio, video, and screen sharing at the top to change these settings. If recording your screen, you can choose which windows/applications you would like to record. (Note: If you are recording your PowerPoint presentation, in the Share Your Screen menu, select the option to share Your Entire Screen. If there is audio in your PowerPoint, make sure to select Share audio).
  6. Before you record, click on the Settings (gear icon) in the lower right-hand corner to change settings such as recording quality information, screen resolution, and HD settings. You can also select whether you would like Capture to count down once you hit the Record button to give you a 5-second warning before you start recording.
  7. Once you have configured your settings, press the round red Record button at the bottom center of the screen. If you have chosen this, the recorder will count down from 5 before starting your recording.
  8. To stop your recording, press the square red Stop button at the bottom center of the screen.
  9. A new page will open as your video gets ready to process. If you would like to redo your recording, you can hit the Redo or Record New buttons that appear at the top right of the page.
  10. If you are happy with your video, you can save it for processing. Note that the video saves to your My Folder in Panopto by default. If you would like to change this to a different folder, select the drop down arrow under My Folder and start typing the name of the folder in which you would like to save your video.Panopto My Folder Settings
  11. Once your video is finished processing and in the correct folder, you can control who accesses the video and share it with certain audiences by clicking the video’s Settings and navigating to Share on the left-hand menu.
    Panopto Sharing Settings

To see more details on certain steps in this process, including a tutorial video and in-depth images, see Panopto’s documentation on How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture (Beta).

Panopto: Quizzing

Panopto enables video Creators to add quiz questions at any point in a video. (Note that quizzes can only be taken by users who are signed in to Panopto through our Bryn Mawr College account. Learn more about getting a Panopto Account).

Adding a quiz in Panopto can be an effective way to engage viewers and create check points for assessment throughout video content. Types of quiz questions that Panopto supports include: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and Fill In the Blank.

Panopto Quiz

Additionally, quiz results can be viewed in the video settings, where you can see a results summary by user and download full results as a .csv file.

Our latest Moodle version now allows Panopto in-video quiz results to be tied to a grade in the Moodle gradebook. See our Tech Doc on the Panopto Quiz Activity to set up this integration.

To learn more about quizzing in Panopto, please see documentation including images and videos, at Panopto’s Support site on How to Add a Quiz to a Video.