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Backing Up: Why, Where, and How

Posted May 14, 2021

Table of Contents: Why do I need to back up? Where can I store my backup? How do I back up? Questions?   Why do I need to back up? Backups are critical to the integrity of your data, and ensure you’ll never lose valuable files in the event of a device failure. 3-2-1: ensures your backup […]

Panopto: Enabling Video Downloads

Posted June 17, 2020
Screen shot adjusting settings at the folder level

By default, Panopto is set up to work like YouTube: when you give people Viewer access  videos or share viewing links with them, they will be able to stream the videos (that is, watch in a web browser while connected to the Internet), but NOT download them. Streaming is very Internet-intensive. Allowing viewers to download […]